So awhile back I had the idea of getting various friends of mine to send me pictures of their night life experiences. This first installment of the Partying In America series comes from Lucy and was shot by her friend Kelsey Heinze. Read what Lucy has to say about the Savannah lifestyle and check out the pics after the jump.

“Basically all the photos are taken at kids houses around Savannah.  all the cheaper housing is located outside of the historical district…which means its all in the ghetto…which means it can get scary walking around. but it’s cool. A-lot of kids who are sound design majors will DJ and play a lot of music they make…techno kinda stuff and a lotttttt of mashups.  stuff gets busted easily by cops but then everyone migrates to a new party..most of the time its right down the street. Local bands also play at parties. theres never really a keg party..probably because there are no frats. Theres a good mix of your typical hipsters, jocks, artsy kidz…everything basically…pretty diverse for an art school i suppose.” -Lucy


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