Photo Of The Day

People have varying opinions on I-Phone photography and until the IPhone 4 dropped I wasn’t that big on it. However now that it has a legit camera and takes very nice images I’m addicted to the apps available for it. One of these apps is of course Hipstamatic and the other is Picture Show. Being obsessed with nostalgia like I am and the fact that I’m home in Vermont, these two apps have provided me with the opportunity to create my own nostalgic moments. Above is a photo I shot a few days ago of an old toy truck I found near a river bank when I was about 6 years old. The cab was about 50 ft away from the body when I found it and I was even more surprised to find them together in an old shed the other day when I was poking around. This photo kinda sums up why it’s so nice to come back to the ol stomping grounds and look around, you just never know what you’ll find. The New Englander sign I believe is off an old lawn mower that my dad got rid of years ago but I’m not quite sure. Check out other people’s own nostalgic moments over on HELLYEAHHIPSTAMATIC(one of my favorite Tumblrs to follow) and if you’re on the IPhone photo program submit some of your own stuff. Thanks to the moderator for featuring stuff I’ve submitted over the past week by the way.



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