Seen & Heard: Phoenix at Hollywood Bowl

There’s just something about him that so sexy, I think it’s cause he’s a singer” “I think it’s cause he’s a French singer”

Those are the quotes of the night from what was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. The girls sitting (standing for all of Phoenix) behind me had the best running commentary throughout the show. As fate would have it one of them is a singer and I’ll be going to check out her show on Thursday at The House Of Blues in Hollywood. Her name is Michelle Macedo and I suggest you check out her website right now. Trust me this girl is going places and you’ll be glad you knew about her before everyone else. So now let me tell you about how Phoenix kicked off their North American tour. It can be summed up in one word, style. This is the third time I’ve seen Phoenix and every time I see them they find a way to one up their previous show. After Outside Lands I didn’t think it’d be possible for them to blow my mind more than they did on that Sunday afternoon. I was wrong. I believe that Phoenix is a band in the truest sense of the word. It’s always clear that they’re all on the same page about what they’re trying to accomplish which is fill the audience with a feeling of total satisfaction. The Hollywood Bowl is the perfect venue for a band like Phoenix because no matter where you sit it feels like an intimate show. Also the Bowl just looks freaking cool and Phoenix is all about the visuals. Their light show last night was one of the best I’ve seen and I wasn’t even on anything special but when they put up a huge sheet in front of the stage and shut off all the lights I really wished I had been cause what they did next was truly special. Love Like A Sunset parts 1 & 2 are two of the best songs of the past 5 years and seeing them performed the way they were last night, well words don’t do it justice. All I can say is that it finally hit me last night who Phoenix reminds me of and I can’t believe I didn’t realize it earlier. It dawned on me when I thought they were going to cover Time that Phoenix is much like Floyd stylistically speaking. You might not agree but watch the Pulse dvd and watch a Phoenix show then you can join the conversation as an educated person. I wondered where they could go from performing L.L.A.S.S but what’s really cool about Phoenix is there’s never a drop off in excitement or energy at their shows. Some bands you’ll see you always get the “yes I love this song!” high and the “I guess I can go to the bathroom” low. Not with Phoenix. Every song is a high and every song gets the crowd going. After barreling through a bunch of rockers( Fences, Second To None, Lasso) Thomas Mars and crew hopped off stage got into the audience for a nice lil rendition of Honeymoon with the lights off. After that Mars’ decided to melt every girl’s (and some guys) hearts by singing a song in French. Even I’ll admit it was a pretty cool moment to be a part of. After that it was back up onto the stage to wrap up the show with some foot stompin music. I knew they’d close with 1901 but what I wondered was how long would they extend the song. The answer was just the right amount. As they did at Outside Lands they said good night, thank you and the lights went down but reverberating hook of 1901 didn’t stop. They came back out cranked it back up, invited those in the pit up onto the stage and finished it out in true rock n roll style. I know this write up doesn’t do Phoenix justice nor will the videos I’ll be putting up shortly but that’s ok because my only hope is that I get a few more people to realize how incredible this band is. Bottom line is Phoenix deserves your hard earned money and respect because Phoenix isn’t just a rock band, they’re a rock band that cares.


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