The 25 Best Cocktail Bars In America

Cole’s is one of two places I’ve been to on GQ’s list but my next trip to NYC I plan to knock off a few more. It’s a beautiful thing this drinking revolution we’re going through right now. Come on put down the Captain and Cola, you’re not in high school…or are you? Either way step your game up you’ll be glad you did. In fact you can can even try making the signature Nice Life cocktail which you can learn about if you simply read more.

The Nice Life

What You’ll Need For Two Drinks:

Vodka(Tito’s, Vodka Monopolawa are my suggestions)

Real Lemonade(Odwalla I find is the best)

4 Limes

Ginger Beer(I suggest Bundaberg’s but Reeds is good too)

Candied Ginger(easily found in the produce section)

Tumbler style glasses(Tervis Tumblers are particularly good cause they don’t break…ever)

ICE!(only 4 cubes)

Okay so that’s what you’ll need and now the rest is up to you! Just kidding. Pour two fingers of Vodka over the ice cubes then add 2 small pieces of candied ginger. Squeeze in a slice of your quartered lime(you have quartered the lime haven’t you?) then add your ginger beer. You’ll want the glass about 3/4 full when you’re ready for your lemonade. Once you’ve added that ring the glass with a lime if you so desire(I like to) and stir that shit up! Now you’re ready to sip and enjoy the Nice Life proper. Cheers.


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