Seen & Heard: Michelle Macedo

Didn't watch anyone but Michelle cause she's the only one who was worth watching.

So last Thursday I had the great pleasure of being able to go check out some new music at House Of Blues in Hollywood.Michelle Macedo and her band were only able to play five songs thanks to a guy named Gary Busey. What the hell does Busey have to do with Michelle’s set being cut short? Well his son has a band and apparently when Busey wants his kid to be able to play a few more songs even if they’re wack as fuck, that’s just whats gonna happen (I’m not afraid of you Busey!). Anyway Michelle killed it with what little time she had. Her twin sister Melissa shares vocal duties and together they sound simply incredible. It’s funny because even in a small cheese ball venue like the Voodoo Lounge you are completely engaged in this hauntingly beautiful music as if you were in an old english manor (which by the way would be incredible). Also great was the very talented mandolin player, Kyle Beswick playing with them for the evening. I’m hoping he gets to jam with them again in the near future. On guitar was Joe Ferrera, cacaphone (drum) Sean Carpenter and on bass Andrew Haas. These five kids really know how to play and if you’re smart you’ll get to one of their upcoming shows which are posted on Michelle’s MySpace. Also a super secret show is in the works for October 23rd and details on that will be available in the very near future.

Set List:

1. I help Myself- Roll the windows down and cruise.

2. Collect My Thoughts- Gorgeous song, ready for a movie soundtrack. Thinking a re-mix with a dance back beat is gonna be on the way.

3. Have Some Company- I love the little builds and pauses in this song. Also my go to when I wanna hear some dancing piano.

4. City Lights- My favorite song. Amazing. I wanna be walking around NYC listening to this one.

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