It is kinda sad. I mean I love the convenience of Netflix and Hulu but there’s something to be said for the days of going to the ol local video store (not Blockbuster or a chain). Browsing the isles, picking up a box just because the cover art was cool. I mean this is something a whole generation of kids will never know. Let’s face it, technology is great but it’s interesting to think about how all these constant changes taking us further away from the tactile (books, records, videos) what will future generations appreciate? I know one thing for sure their attention spans are going to fucking short. I know mine is.


2 responses to “Nostalgia

  1. in the “olden days” it took about as much time to read and check out all of the artwork and lyrics on and inside albums as it did to listen to the music. It was an “experience”, a journey in which you took time to learn and think about the artist and their thoughts and vibe…..much different than a 5 second download….
    nice article…..make me appreciate being a kid in the 70’s

    • Scotty you and my pop’s would have a lot to talk about pertaining to music. Takes a few hours to go through all his Pure Prairie League albums. The effort that was put into making those is just incredible. The closest thing we got is the I-Tunes LP and that is a poor, poor substitution.

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