Now Hear This!

Come Around Sundown the new Kings Of Leon album came out yesterday and I’ve listened to it 3 times since downloading it at 11:30pm. Favorite tracks so far are as follows in no particular order


But seriously Radioactive (great tongue in cheek name), No Money (rocks the hardest on the album) , Back Down South (will make you actually wanna go south) and Pick Up Truck (bar fight?) are all foot stompers and the rest of the songs are more mellow but still make you grove type tracks (Mary, Mi Amigo, Beachside, The End). This is truly a great fucking album but I expected that cause Kings Of Leon kills it and has been for a decade now. The best part is that I know from the past albums that the songs I don’t love will eventually grow on me and then it’ll be just start to finish awesome. Buy this album now and enjoy it for years to come.



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