Orvis U.S. Patent Collection

Orvis has been doing it right in Southern Vermont since 1865 and now for Fall 2010 they’ve really hit the nail on the head.

The U.S. Patent collection might seem like a bunch of overpriced clothing that you couldn’t possibly need. Sure for the non discerning person I can see that. However these are goods made here in the U.S. of A. This is no marketing gimmick like Levi’s or Jeep. These goods are made here and made right. Don’t you think it’s worth the extra dime to support American businesses? I do and it’s really all about C.P.W.(cost per wear). Sure you can go buy a pair of jeans for $25 at Wally World but all you’re doing there is throwing away $25 to some company in Asia. Quality people, I’m talking about quality. Instead of multiple pairs of $25 jeans why not get one pair of great jeans that’ll last for a decade. You buy Stronghold denim they’ll even repair em when they get damaged and prolly give you a shot of whiskey too(only at the Venice,CA store).


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