Do You Give A Fuck?

In this latest installment of, “Do You Give A Fuck” we take a minute to look at our progress in the field of data storage in the past decade. Considering how many people give a fuck about what Justin Bieber is doing on a daily basis, I would hope that at least half of those people would give a fuck about our rapid advancement in this field of technology. Never mind how many songs and movies you can easily fit on your phone these days. Read the small print at the bottom of the graphic. Just one terabyte is equal to 8,000 more times the amount of information the human brain can currently retain in a lifetime. I say currently because who knows, maybe one day we’ll figure out how to use more than 10% of our brains. According my my good friend Ryder, that’ll be the day we’re able to defy the laws of gravity and physics because at that time we’ll be able to 100% believe ourselves capable of doing something. I’d like to believe that’s true, but because I only use 10% of my brain, I doubt myself and doubt creates the notion that something is impossible.


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