Think About It…

Has the myth of “American exceptionalism” completely imploded or is Richard Wolff just another British twit? Most likely both but click above to read his article and come to your own informed decision. One things for sure, if the America that our grandparents(or parents) were sold ever did exist, it’s certainly long gone. All we’re left with is nostalgia for affordable American made products (Jeep, Levi, Chrysler commercials of late), scanned Kodachromes (the look of an era) and stories of “the good ol days” (everyone’s got em). I for one really do take to heart the idea that there are frontiers all around us. All it takes is for one to drive across the country to realize that there’s still plenty of space out there and perhaps a major migration away from our over crowded cities wouldn’t be the worst thing. 40 acres and a mule? How bout 80 acres, some solar panels and a John Deere, Obama? No? Yeah it’s probably better to just keep doing things like this.


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