Now Hear This!

This year’s Coachella will be my first and I couldn’t have dreamt up a better lineup. After the jump I’ve posted who I’ll be checking out, a song that I really want the band to play and why I wanna see em. You’ve probably heard some of them but I doubt you’ve heard all of them. Happy listening, see you in Indio in April.


Kings Of Leon (They’re the Zeppelin of our generation. Yeah I said it.)

Black Keys ( I will be ready to rock with all their new fans)

Interpol (It’s Interpol, can’t miss that)

The Chemical Brothers ( When I was 12 years old…)

Cut Copy ( Wanted to see em since hearing this song in AfterLame)

Flogging Molly (Whiskey in my back pocket, ready to fucking rage)

Tame Impala (My favorite band I’ve discovered in the past 5 months)


Arcade Fire (How many bands you know that have amazing albums start to finish?)

Animal Collective ( It’s fucking Animal Collective…LIVE)

Mumford & Sons ( One of the best new bands of the past few years)

Bright Eyes ( Cause they really can rock when they wanna)

Fedde Le Grande (It’s gonna be late and I’m gonna wanna dance)


Kanye West ( Cause no matter what I remember this album)

The Strokes ( One of the great albums of the decade, Room On Fire)

Duran Duran (It’s Duran Fucking Duran!)

The National (Have listened to this song at least once a day since I got the album)

Wiz Kahlifa (Cause he’s down with Nice Life and dude just kills it)

Ratatat ( I listened to their albums too many times not to check em out)

Nas & Damien Marley (Saw em last summer, fucking awesome)

Duck Sauce ( Gonna be some great guest appearances I’m sure)

Bloody Beetroots  ( They just fucking rock)

Menomena ( Ignore the video this song is great)



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