Annnnd We’re Back

Been on a little bit of an internet hiatus this pack week due to the excessive amount of good times had in Denver and Aspen. Highlights of the trip included Burton’s 2nd annual party at Diamond Dolls Caberet(can’t post the photos), firing handguns from my friends hot tub(forgot to take photos), Johnny’s Sandwiches(best in Aspen), arguing with a crusty local who wouldn’t let a bar manager put on the Celtics/Lakers game because snowmobile supercross was on(entertaining), the most excessive sushi bill for two people ever(at least in my experience), my buds Scotty and Louie getting 2nd in superpipe(some guy named Steve White won), Alex Schlopy decimating the field in his rookie debut in ski big air to claim gold(kid is on fire) and of course DJ Z-Trip at Belly Up(thanks Louie). I will tell you what I told my buddy JR, the last time I went to X-Games in Aspen I was 18, drove from Gunnison at 9 at night in a blizzard, watched the Roots perform and ended up sleeping in my friend’s Cherokee(not Grand, just Cherokee) with 3 other people. So this trip was a serious upgrade to say the least. My perspective on Aspen has gone from the worst place ever, to one of the most fun places ever. I look forward to going back in the summer when the town will be free of all the Monster Energy schwilling, Brian Deegan truck driving, Affliction wearing doucher’s that come with the X-Games scene. See ya next year Aspen.

This about sums it up.


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