Click the pic to watch ABC News god awful interview with Rebecca Black.

Some people think the world is coming to an end because animals are dropping dead and earthquakes are destroying countries. I think it’s coming to an end because this chick’s song is number 39 on I-Tunes. Seriously though I’m happy for Rebecca. What I do think is fucked up is Andrea Kenny’s interview with her. Just pushing the cyber bullying angle and then throwing in the clip of Rebecca’s mom saying she “coulda killed some people” for things they said on YouTube. Nice ABCNews, real nice. Why don’t you go cover something that’s actually news worthy like, oh, I don’t know, Libya or Japan. Better yet, go off the air so people can get back to their lives instead of sitting around waiting for you to spit your bullshit rhetoric into their ears. That goes for all news networks. Leave the harassment of teen internet sensations to us, SNL and Joel McHale! Oh and she’s not the worst singer of all time, Celine Dion is still alive, as far as I know.


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