YES! That’s Awesome!

Some people say that Christmas Eve is the biggest day of the year for pizza orders. I say that’s bullshit, you’re dumb, shut up. The title has to go to 4/20. Pizza is awesome for many reasons but probably the best is that you can get so many different flavors on just one pie. Other than a stew or a scramble, you can’t really pack a bunch of different shit into one dish. A wide variety of flavors, plus the ease of being able to have it delivered has made pizza the official food of stoners/slackers/guys living in their parent’s basement since, well the dawn of time. Why am I telling you all this stuff that you probably already know? Because what you probably don’t know is that Grupon and Dominos are offering a deal specifically for those who are celebrating today’s holiday and feeling a little hungry. $8 will get you a medium pizza with 10, yes 10, toppings. It’s carryout only though so let the arguing over what toppings are going on it and who’s gonna be the one to go get it. Click the pizza above to get the ball rollin. Happy 4/20 ya’ll.


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