You Gotta Read

 While flipping through GQ earlier I the above image caught my eye. It’s a shot from one of my favorite action movies, The Rock directed by the one and only Michael Bay. Though I enjoy a good popcorn flick as much as the next guy (SHOULD), I do admit to Bay Bashing more than a few times in my life. Yeah Pearl Harbor sucked but the majority of fault lies in the casting department on that one. The Island, Transformers 2? Both forgivable in my book. With Transformers: Dark Of The Moon coming out today (I’ll be going tomorrow and plan to do a full experience re-cap) I’ve heard more than a few people in various public places talking about how Bay sucks and his films are awful. Well people, you’re still talking about him aren’t ya and you’re also making yourself look stupid. So don’t be one of those people, click the pic above and read GQ’s excellent article featuring words straight from the mouths of the impressive list of actors with whom Bay has worked. Above all remember this, who are we to shit talk a man with 8 blockbuster films(one flop) and the most epic Meat Loaf music video of all time under his belt.


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