You Gotta Read

While I agree with much of what Cord Jefferson writes in his article, “I’m Glad We Didn’t have Facebook or Twitter on 9/11” I think he missed a huge point that I would like to make. The reason I’m glad we didn’t have either of these social media outlets is that instead of letting it all out online we let it out to each other. We banded together as a community in the real world, not the digital one. Without going to the rabbit hole too much further I’d just like to make the point that while Facebook & Twitter certainly have their many uses, a substitute for real social interaction they should never be. This might seem quite obvious to many people(of a certain age) but all you have to do is look at the increasingly lackluster social skills of the younger generations and it becomes apparent that there are going to be some problems down the road if things don’t change. I urge you to read the article(click the pic above) and then I urge you to discuss it, with friends, in person or even on that old phone thingy. I realize it may seem hypocritical of me to say all this being that I’m reposting the article and distributing it through Facebook & Twitter but I’m not condemning social media, just saying that they are not now nor will they ever be a substitute for the simple everyday interactions we can have with those around us.



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