Today’s Most Wanted

There are the Carhartts you live in. You know, the ones that are over 10 years old, frayed, ripped, loved. Then there’s Carhartt x Adam Kimmel. Brand new, tailored, refined, deserving of your love. Some might cry sacrilege but I like to think that when it comes to your favorite brands , you can have your cake and eat it too. Having grown up in a place where people have their work Carhartt’s and their out to dinner Carhartt’s, I know this collection is an advancement of an existing notion, it just takes the notion bit further. My favorite piece in the collection is pictured above and will hopefully soon be pictured on my back. In addition to the snap front coat I suggest checking out the Two Button Blazer, Carhartt out to a fancy dinner, at the office, at a wedding, damn straight.


2 responses to “Today’s Most Wanted

  1. we call them “black tie Carhartt’s” haha. hard core you know the score…

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