Love 4 VT

Just a reminder that while the national media has long since moved on from Hurricane Irene, Vermonters are still in great need of their neighbors assistance. By neighbors I mean everyone nationwide. We are after all, the UNITED States of America and in being united means the problems of one are the problems of all. If you have already donated to the VT Red Cross, Foodbank or one of the many other relief programs that’s wonderful. On behalf of all Vermonters I’d like to thank you. If you haven’t I hope that you will consider doing so. My hope is that in selling these shirts I can do more than bring in money for Vermont relief, I can bring awareness to the fact that Vermont is still hurting. I realize times are tough and that it’s not easy to just throw money around. Consider this though, however tough things may be for you right now, I guarantee they’re going to be much harder for many Vermonters this winter. So if you can purchase a shirt, great, if you can only donate a little bit of money, great. Anything helps and anything you can do to be part of the relief effort is welcomed. Neighbors helping neighbors, that’s what Nice Life is about.

*All shirts come with Love 4 VT stickers.

VT Foodbank

VT RedCross






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