Whether you’re sartorially incline or not(if you’re a regular reader I assume the latter) you’ve got to have an appreciation for things made by hand here in America. Denim is as American as it gets and the story of Imogene + Willie is one that should make your heart glow. If you don’t know why selvedge denim costs what it does I think you’ll find this video very informative. I believe it’s people like Carrie and Matt that are the future of our nation. People who believe in learning a trade, finding a niche market, employing masters of the craft, all while keeping jobs here at home. Like Matt says in the video, this is the American dream, the real American dream. People will argue that it’s ridiculous the spend $250 on a pair of jeans. Sure that might seem ridiculous at first but think about this, would you rather spend $40 on a pair of jeans that you have to replace after a year or two or $250 on a pair that will last you a lifetime? Check out the full site right here, it’s one of the best one the web.

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