Carl Erik Rinsch is back with another high concept commercial, this time for the new Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe. The last long format commercial we saw from Rinsch was The Gift” for Philips Cinema which garnered him quite a bit of attention and started a bidding war to turn the spot into a feature. “Escape The Map” is an interactive game that you can play on Benz’ website(which I highly recommend) or watch the play through above. Rinsch said quote “it’s a trippy film about losing your identity in a digital world”. Personally I think just the concept of being trapped inside Google Maps and trying to escape is cool enough but taking it a step further, making it about identity loss, makes sense to me. His first feature “47 Ronin” is currently shooting and is due Nov 21st of next year and you can watch many of his impressive tv spots right HERE.


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