Through The Lens: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that for some is the same thing every year. A gathering of the extended family, a game of touch football, a turkey induced coma, that drunk uncle who undoes his pants at the table. For me Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that was more about friends than family, new experiences rather than tradition. Sure I still like to be somewhere cold and end up eating far more than I should, but it’s always really cool to see firsthand how different people spend the day. This year I ate with my friends’ family while he worked and the dinner was one of the most interesting I’ve ever had. If there’s one thing that’s truly great about Thanksgiving it’s that it’s that a person can share a table with a group of people they don’t know and by the end of the night have made a genuine connection with them. If that’s not the true spirit of Thanksgiving, I don’t know what is. So prior to last week’s national eating contest I asked a few friends to document their Thanksgiving experiences as I knew they we’re going to be unique. Laura Austin went back to the homeland(VT) and Ali Kaukas has been down in Costa Rica for the month at a surf camp. Needless to say I knew there would be an interesting contrast there. Check out their shots after the jump. There’s a few of my own in there as well, though they pale in comparison to the ladies. If you had a particularly interesting Thanksgiving and shot some photos, leave a link, I’d love to see them.

Ali's day started with yoga.


A bit different for Laura.

Some traditions are worthwhile.


Surf was up.


Pie > Cake

Guy is absolutely killing it.

A bit different attire.


I'm sure he caught more waves than I would.


Key to success.

Always have a good koosie with ya.

Activity supplies.


Like I said...




Soon as I saw this I knew I was with some great people.



Was happy to share this table with some great people.



It was a good start.

Winding down.

Thanks again to Laura and Ali for taking the time to get some shots throughout their days. Christmas should be equally interesting I should think.



One response to “Through The Lens: Thanksgiving

  1. Looked like you all had the perfect Thanksgiving

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