Step It Up: Winter Neckwear

Double Sided Bowtie by Paukstukai $20.64

Holiday party season is already upon us and if there’s on piece of advice I would like to offer to my fellow man its, step it up. Seriously. Put on a jacket(more on that later this week) and a tie , go to that thing you’ve got to attend, look damn good doing it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this past year it’s that you can pretty much get away with anything if you’ve got a tie on. So to help you get away with all sorts of holiday shenanigans, I’ve scoured the web for the best winter neckwear, from the affordable to the slightly less affordable to the “damn I could take a girl to a fancy dinner for that” price. For those of you with “real” jobs at which you may be required to wear a tie, I’m hoping that this will lead you in the direction of wearing ties that don’t suck. Lets face it, you probably have a few that really do. No they aren’t funny or ironic, they’re ridiculous and that’s not an adjective you ever want associated with your appearance.

2" Knit Tie by Skinny Ties $20.00

A solid color knit tie is one every guy should have in his quiver. I like the green because you can pair it with just about anything and it’ll work in warmer months too.

Cranley by Pierrepont Hicks $82.00

Pierrepont Hicks makes and damn fine tie and they do it in New York to boot. The Cranley is a perfect tie for the holidays what with it’s classic plaid prep colorway and all. Go bold, pair it with a grey wool vest and a navy jacket.

Wool Blend Slub Tweed by The Hillside $83.00

It’s hard to choose just one of The Hillside’s ties as they’re all so damn good but for the purposes of this piece, the wool blend slub tweed is a no brainer. I’m much more partial to wool ties than silk or cotton so perhaps I’m biased but every guy should have one. Classy not stuffy, that’s what a tie should be 10 times out of 10 and The Hillside has that nailed.

The Borland by Wickham House $28.00

It’s called The Borland, what more need be said? I guess I could point out that many men are opposed to the bowtie for some reason. As long as it’s not pink or white silk, I think they’re great. Next time a buddy gives you shit for wearing one, say “oh that’s funny, your girlfriend(mother,sister, or any other female) loves it. Because she really will, it’s science.

There are many more options for ties from “the big guys” (Rugby,L.L.B. Signature, L.E. Canvas etc…) that I like but I urge you to support the little guys. You know you’re purchase is much appreciated and you know you’re getting a top quality product. Happy shopping gents.


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  1. Buy one you really like for Christmas from us!!!! G and G

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