Hard Hitting Investigative Journalism: Spedelli’s Pizza

You’ve heard the story a thousand times, two Italians come to America, the land of opportunity. Their plan, to start a pizza joint in Salt Lake City, home to the largest Italian community in the country and all around wonderful place to live. Okay so maybe those things aren’t true but here’s the deal. Snowboarders turned hunger destroying masterminds Mac and Sam Spedale decided to make their dream of owning a pizza place a reality this past summer when they took over a piece of prime real estate up on Foothill Dr(2352 to be exact) in SLC. Recently I asked Nice Life family member(and man behind the Spedelli’s mustache) Tim Benasich to get the scoop on the burgeoning business. Why is their pizza so damn good? Will the be the first pizza place in America to make a proper salad and not just throw in a whole head of lettuce, jar of black olives and a tomato cut into quarters? Who will be the next athlete added to the elite roster of those with a pro model pizza?! These questions aren’t answered in the interview but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it anyway. Tim pulled no punches when questioning Mac so don’t be surprised if you find yourself shocked by some of the answers.





TB: Who eats more pizza you or sam?

MS: I honestly have no idea.

TB: Since your logo is a mustache will you have one forever?

MS: No. Definitely not. I think its funny but I don’t like having it all that much.

TB: Five years ago did you ever think you’d own a pizza place

MS: Not in my wildest dreams. We came up with the idea about a year and a half ago and really went through with it. Just came up on the right opportunity.

TB: Do you ever ask your girlfriend if she wants to get a pizza then fuck?

MS: Every day

TB: What does a pizza delivery man and a gynecologist have in common?

MS: No idea

TB: Both can smell it but can’t eat it

MS: Haha, jesus.

TB: Down at Spedelli’s you guys have a lot of cool art on your walls whats your favorite piece?

MS: I’m the most stoked on Dave Doman’s piece across the main wall. It’s exactly what I wanted, he kills it.

TB: Has Spedelli’s been asked to sponsor a little league team yet?

MS: No but some guy wanted me to pay 300 dollars to get on a High School football team poster.

TB: That’s insane.

MS: Yep.

TB: Whats your favorite happy ending off the menu?

MS: Fried ice cream for sure. But soon were are coming out with Cam Pierce’s signature dessert dish which blows everything out of the water. The “Cam You Handle It”.

TB: Will Joe Carter ever get a signature menu item?

MS: If we start selling sloppy joes, it is probable. Maybe a sloppy joe pizza.

TB: YES! Well thank you for doing this Mac. Spedelli’s is the best thing to happen to SLC in the history of the city. Best of luck to you pizza guys.

MS: Thanks Tim. Stay out of trouble in Portland.

TB: Nah. Later.

Now you know where to go next time you find yourself in SLC. Hit Spedelli’s Facebook page, Like em and follow em on Twitter @Spedellis


-The Management


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