Step It Up: Homemade Pizza Night

You’re probably saying to yourself, “what the hell is that?” Well besides being a lovely beige square it’s what’s going to make your homemade pizza worth the effort making. We did some pies the other night and though they all came out pretty damn good, one thing was missing, a nice crisp bottom.

That’s where the Old Stone Oven baking stone comes in. Never again be the victim of soggy bottom when the top looks so good. One of the best things about these is they’ll fit on most grills and that’s an awesome way to do a pizza(just ask my dad). If you wanna go a step further grab yourself a Kitchen Supply Aluminum Pizza Peel. You’ll never have trouble getting your pizza out of the oven and you’ll always have something to serve it on. Beyond on that the RSVP World Class Pizza Cutter is a great tool to have vs. your average dull rolling pizza cutter. Perfect slices the first time, every time(so long as you apply proper pressure). Now then, institute a homemade pizza night in your household and get creative. If you have the time to make the dough, great. If not find yourself a good organic crust(woodfired even better) and use some Cento tomato puree for sauce. Just remember so put spices in the sauce or it’ll be blander than an episode of Dr.Drew(BOOM! Roasted). Now you’ve stepped it up, you’re welcome.


The Management.


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