Eat Like A Manchild

What you see above is a sad excuse for what can be a great sandwich. If you grew up eating enriched white bread slathered with Peter Pan and Grape Jelly, I’m sorry. I hope this post restores your faith in the great American sandwich, The Peanut Butter and JAM. There are many variations of the PB&J(Honey, Apples, Bananas, toasting the bread) but for this piece I’m sticking to the purest form. Like any sandwich the key to it being a cut above the rest is the bread. I suggest a thick 100% Whole Wheat bread such as Orowheat Master’s Best Winter Wheat.

Next you’ll want to select a quality peanut butter. I’m a fan of Laura Scudder Old Fashioned Smooth. It’s just the right amount of salty and it’s easy to spread.

Finally you’ll want to find yourself a top shelf jam. Not jelly, not preserves, JAM. If you don’t know the differences between the three I suggest you educate yourself on the subject before going any further. Now as with anything that comes in so many different flavors there will always be a debate about which is the best. Sure I like blueberry, blackberry and raspberry but when it comes to making a classic PB&J, strawberry jam is the only way to go. I suggest Vermont Country Store’s as it is incredibly tasty and from Vermont.

Once you’ve stirred the peanut butter(C’mon it’s worth the effort ya lazy sack of shit) use about a ping pong ball’s worth (or less) to cover once piece of bread. Then WITH A FRESH UTENSIL cover the other piece of bread with a thin layer of jam so you’ve got a 2:1 Peanut Butter to Jam ratio going on. Next take the jam piece of bread and place it on top of the peanut butter piece, cut it in half(or into triangles, I know you people are out there) and eat it. For the complete after school snack experience enjoy a glass of cold chocolate milk,

and some Cheddar Cheese flavor Goldfish.

Alright now go flip on on episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and you’ll really be Eating Like A Manchild.


One response to “Eat Like A Manchild

  1. As always great fun and well done..I love waiting for your new Nice Lifes!

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