31 Days Of Denim

I love jeans. Over the years I’ve had more than my fare share of them but only in the last 5 did I realize that you really only need one, maybe two. For the last year or so I’ve been running a pair of Levi’s Made & Crafted jeans as my only denim. They’ve aged quite nicely but that’s a different story entirely(and trust me I’ll get to that sooner or later). For some time now I’ve been looking to get a fresh pair of jeans made from quality raw denim and wear them for a month, day in and day out. When I found these jeans buried under some other pants(spring cleaning), I knew it was time. They’ve never been washed, I think I’ve owned them for around two years and wore them five or six times before they went MIA. I’m choosing not to disclose the brand at this time because, well I think it’ll be more interesting that way. I’m Looking forward to seeing how these things hold up against a month of wear and tear. Now, off to put em through the first and possibly most important test a pair can go through, skateboarding.




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