Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2013 Hardgoods

When I was just a little grom I would always get excited when I got my hands on the new Burton catalog. I’d sit down and carefully flip through all the pages reading about what new technology they’d come up with for that year(remember Super Fly Core II?) and all the new outerwear I’d seen pros rocking the season before. I suppose now that I’m an old man(by industry standards) I shouldn’t get as excited as I do for their website launch each year. I suppose I should be jaded like many of my friends who dismiss the new technology as unnecessary and the graphics as unimaginative. Many of them say Burton has lost touch with it’s roots and become too commercial. Bullshit. All you have to do is take a good look at the product for this year to see that now more than ever(and for the past 4-5 years in my opinion) Burton is doing an exceptional job of representing core snowboarding values while turning out killer product. This is not to say that I don’t have my issues with some of their choices(U.S. Open moving to Vail for example) but I can tell you that the gear I have is on a quality level all it’s own. So here, in the dogs days of summer, in the middle of this “heat wave” as Southern Californians call it(no humidity so who cares) I thought I’d put together a piece with the hard goods you should be most excited about putting to good use on the mountain this season. Burton says 2013 is an iconic year, I’d like think that’ll be the case. After all, scientists say that it’s gonna be a La Nina winter and getting skunked on a good season two years in a row, that’s just unheard of. Cheers.


If you haven’t tried out a board with Nug technology, you’re really missing out.

My 2012 Mr. Nice Guy is hands down one of the best snowboards I’ve ever ridden. The graphics continue to be some of the best in the line.

The Process can handle anything you throw at it, truly an all mountain tool.

There are boards built for riding anything and everything, which is great. Then there are boards like the Ration which do one thing really, really well. My 152 Ration is the go to for fun in the sun at Big Bear or any park.

The Fish, not much you can say about it that hasn’t been said except that this year’s base graphic is gonna make for some killer method photos.

I’ve probably ridden more Burton Customs than any other snowboard. In fact I’d be willing to be that more people can say that they’ve ridden Customs than any other board. It’s that good and for 2013 it has one of the best graphic series in the history of snowboarding. I only wish the Animal graphic came in a size I could ride. Oh well, Gonzo was always my second favorite Muppet.

It’s been a long time coming, the fusion of the iconic Burton mountain logo and the Grateful Dead emblem. While I’m not a huge fan of the music(post Workingman’s Dead) I am a huge fan of the East Livin and my man Dan who makes sure these boards are held to a high standard of awesomeness.

The Barracuda was the first Burton board to completely sell out in all it’s flagship stores last year, nuff said.

Pink Floyd x Burton. Most likely this will be found hanging on my wall vs. under my feet.


I still like lacing up my boots the “old fashioned” way so I stick to the Hail and the Ox when it comes to footwear. Both offer good support and are the best looking boots in the line.

2013 OX.

If you happen to be a fan of the speed lacing system, The Ion is the only choice. It was the best boot when it had laces and it’s the best boot without em. Oh and it now has Pirelli rubber for the sole, badass.


Never in my 16 years of riding have I liked a binding made by a company other than Burton. Even pro’s who have other sponsors ride Burton bindings. They’re that good and they keep getting better. Light, flexible, comfortable, that’s what you want out of a binding. The Cartel delivers all three and then some.

Malavita with the cuff plus a solid park board equals great presses and tweaks.


Frends x Burton got together and the result is a very clean day pack.

From Burton’s new City Line of bags we have The Manchester. Named for the town in which Burton boards were first made(and consequently where I grew up) this bag is perfectly styled and sure to last. I know friends with Burton bags that are over 20 years old and still haven’t had a broken zipper, clasp or anything. Bottom line, Burton does bags right.

Seriously, you don’t have a Beeracuda yet? What’s wrong with you?

Soft Goods will get their own post later this week. Also I’d like to add that Burton had nothing to do with this post. I’m not receiving any incentives or payment from them. I just support the company and am consistently impressed with their product.

– Andrew.





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