Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2013 Softgoods

This past Monday Burton’s 2013 site launched and with it the desire to be on the hill crept to the forefront of my mind. As I made evident in the Hardgoods post, Burton has once again come out with a very impressive line of goods for the 2013 season. The best pieces in the men’s line are clean and understated. Jackets that will look just as good on the street as they do on the mountain.  Yes many of these styles have been experimented with before by other smaller companies and many of them draw from classic looks but the difference is Burton’s resources. The technical fabrics, details and cuts are what separates Burton outerwear from the rest of the pack. Perhaps it’s that snowboarding is coming of age, gaining a certain level of maturity(for the most part) but I for one am very glad to see the continued refinement of outerwear. Sure there are wild patterns and prints to be found in the line but hey, there’s gotta be gear for kooks(Kook (n) an eccentric or foolish person) as well. I mean if there wasn’t, how else would you identify them as kooks? I mean besides watching them grabbing tindy and Zeaching boxes. Enjoy the gear after the jump and remember, shop local.


AK 2L LZ Down Jacket, waterproof, warm, for the truly dedicated rider.

2L GoreTex Highland Jacket, technically proficient and damn good looking. Love the buttons and simplistic pocket placement. Classic style in Burton’s SigFit aka. the best fit.

This is the Crack Down jacket, so good you’ll be addicted to it. Just don’t do anything crazy to get one.

The Hellbrook is one of Burton’s workhorse jackets and this year they’ve got a premium version. Subtle details and element resistant fabrics make this an immensely popular piece. If you haven’t had a jacket with satin lining, you’re not doing it right.

As stylish now as it was back in the day, the Heritage down jacket. Ability to do hand-plants and properly plow a driveway not included.

The trench fit ain’t for me as the universe didn’t give me a whole lot of vertical but I know plenty a tall guy who digs it. The Restricted Faceshot sounds like something you have to pay extra for in a seedy venue but in this case it’s the name of a damn fine piece of outerwear.

The Squire has the best colorway options out of any jacket in the line. It’s got corduroy, stylish buttons, leather details and looks like it should be found in a NYC boutique for twice what it costs.

I’ve already decided the Chestnut is going to be my go to jacket this season. Simple design, clean pocket placement, interior details and snap grommet closure make this jacket stand out in all the right ways.

A good shell is every bit as important as a good down jacket. The Sentry comes in a variety of cool colorways(Duck Hunter Camo, Heron Blue, Keef) and will never let you down when battling the elements.

A looser fitting, classically styled puffy with tons of stash pockets. Nuff said.

Not usually one for color blocked pieces but the Restricted Tag Team jacket in Ballpoint/Marauder is just badass looking.

Burton collaborated with Coogi( of Biggie/ Bill Cosby fame) to make the exception to my keep it simple rule. You won’t find me wearing it but props to those who can pull it off.

On the other side of the collaboration spectrum we have a few pieces that Burton and Filson teamed up on. If you’re familiar with Filson you know why this is awesome and if you’re not, trust me, it’s awesome. Pictured above is the Sentry but make sure to check out The Squire and Hellbrook as well.


Tradtional fit, shoelace to keep your sag minimal(c’mon grow up) and a variety of colors(Ballpoint, Clockwork, Exeter) make the Restricted Manhandle Pant a solid option for keeping your sticks happy.

For some reason many people always drop a ton of change on a jacket and then just go for a basic pant. That’s too bad because as nice as it is to have a jacket with bells and whistles, your bells and whistles deserve the very best. The AK 2L Stagger pant is the very best.

I wasn’t going to include the Highland pant in this post because I don’t care for the mid thigh pocket placement. Then I saw the Pine Crest colorway and realized I’m going to end up running these as my go to pants.

Offered in slim and medium fit, the Southside pant caught my attention thanks to the Marauder colorway. I’ll have to wait to see these in person to pass final judgement as I’m not sure how aggressive the pockets are but they sure do look good. Also they’re the only pant in the line to feature the” go fuck yourself” Madras print which I strangely love. I can think of at least one person off the top of my head who will most likely be running them this winter.


A street piece that’d do you proper during spring riding days the Tusk jacket is a good look.

The Sabbath Fleece will probably look just as good when you’re lounging as it will if you’re rocking the fuck out at some wild mountain town house party.

The Totem Hoodie caught my eye because of the Bitters colorway and the zip front hoodie pocket. Solid under layer option thanks to Burton’s Dryride Thermex fleece technology.

There’s that Madras Plaid again except in this case, I’m into it. Not because the Shell Bonded Hoodie has all sorts of technical function but because the Madras goes well with the Ballpoint colorway. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit because of it’s technical function.

Ever had a quilted fleece shirt that didn’t fix like a box? Yeah me either but not to worry, The Stratford has Burton’s SigFit so now you can get that logger look without having that logger cut ya dig?

First Layer:

For adults there’s a time and a place for a striped hoodie and that’s underneath your jacket. The Cymbal is a moisture wicking, heat trapping, female impressing layer that you should take the place of any ol regular cotton hoodies you might still have lying around.

The Haven flannel in True Black Flip Plaid. Al would be proud.

The Repel flannel in Keef Tone plaid. Because it fits better, stays drier and keeps you smelling better than any other flannel.

For those real winter days, The Union Suit.

Burton makes many socks in many styles. This is just one of my favorites. Blows my mind that some people still don’t go the extra mile when it comes to socks and winter sports. It’s your damn feet people! You’re on them all day, when they suffer, your fun suffers. Keep your feet warm, dry and happy with the Party Sock.


The AK Oven Mitt, I’ve had mine for 4 seasons and they’re still great.

The High Five mitt, for days when you don’t need all the heat in the world.

I’m a mitten guy but the Empire Glove makes a strong case for dividing the digits.

Just the right amount of ugly, the Spectre Mitt.

The Touchscreen liner glove, worth every penny.

And here’s one example of what not to wear. Period.






2 responses to “Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2013 Softgoods

  1. How’s the Chestnut workin’ for ya? Am returning a Hellbrook in consideration for the Chestnut…

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