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While driving up to a friend’s house in Hancock Park for a cookout I realized I’d forgotten to pick up beer. Not knowing the area I stopped at the first place I spotted, a rundown looking supermarket called Galco’s. I figured they’d probably have something decent to bring, worst case scenario I’d end up with some Modelo Especial(everywhere has that in Hancock Park.) It didn’t immediately hit me when I walked in that Galco’s was a special place. It looked kind of bare, stark and uninviting. Then I noticed something odd, the place was full of people carrying boxes of sodas and beers. Again, not all that unusual if you’re at Costco but these people were carrying flats of various beverages all lumped together. I started to explore and soon found myself overwhelmed by the selection of hard to find drinks. I’ve always kind of prided myself in finding craft beers and sodas that most people haven’t heard of but in Galco’s I quickly found myself thinking “damn, I’m an amateur.”


I was pressed for time as I had to get to the cookout so I snapped a couple of pics and went with some beers I’d heard of but never tried. I chose two very different ends of the beer spectrum in terms of drinkability and taste, I was very happy with my choices.  Iron City Lager and Einstock Icelandic Toasted Porter are two of the tastiest beers I’ve ever had. I don’t care where you are, if you love beer, find a way to try these. So just like that, I was out of Galco’s and off to my buddy’s house. I knew I’d have to go back soon, get a sandwich from the deli in the back, browse the candy section and of course take my time walking up and down the many isles holding who knows how many amazing sodas and beers. It took me a solid 25 minutes just to make a beer selection out of the cooler section, I’d need an hour, probably more to thoroughly inspect all my options.


With that in mind I pulled up to the cookout, beer in hand, ready to tell the crew all about the incredible place I’d come across. As soon as I walked in the door with Iron City in hand my buddy knew, “Galco’s is the shit right?!”. I should have known, if you live in Hancock Park, you’re definitely a regular. We cracked beers, sat down on the porch and talked about the insane selection of beverages and the vibe of the store in general. He relayed a little history about the store and how cool the owner “Big John” is. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon if you ask me, sittin around bullshitting about rare sodas and beers on a sunny stoop in Southern California. When I do go back, ya’ll will be the first to know. In the meantime, check out their blog and web store right HERE.



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