Today’s Most Wanted


The Raleigh Vest allows for full range of motion and provides excellent core warmth. Two vital components of a proper spring blizzard cleanup outfit or in my case, enjoying spring snowboarding outfit.


What you see above is just one of the many fine pieces that you’ll find at a discount over on the Carhartt WIP site. If you’re not familiar with the Work in Progress division of Carhartt I humbly suggest you change that straight away. You’ll find familiar looking pieces from Carhartt’s past have been slimmed down and toughened up in the right places. Currently the deals department is really on point. There’s a whole lot to go through, especially since most items still have full size runs but here’s what you really consider picking up.


Not just A chore coat, THE Chore Coat.


A wise man from Peru,VT once said “extra pockets, extra beers”. 


No it ain’t a hoodie, it’s the Active Jacket and it’s a no excuses piece. As in, “I know it’s hailing but the wood needs chopping, grab the Active Jacket or perhaps more appropriately, “I know it’s drizzling but I need my fresh pressed juice honey.”


No snarky comments here, these pants fit absolutely perfectly. Slim, not skinny with a straight leg. At $45 a pair you should consider grabbing a few while you can.


Just because you play golf, doesn’t mean you have to dress like an asshole. However if that’s your thing, the Duck Polo does come in “go fuck yourself Orange” or Cadmium Heather as Carhartt calls it.


Ok, it’s not on sale but it’s too cool to ignore. If you’ve got $50 to blow, this is a good way to do so.

Make sure to browse the rest of the WIP site and try not to fall down the “camo” rabbit hole. Odds are that you’ll just look like a jackass wearing it around whatever trendy neighborhood you live in.



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