Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2014 Hardgoods


Remember! Remember! The 13th of August! The boards, the bindings, the boots! This is the season, the season of reason and we all aught to be ready to bomb chutes! Ok, it’s not as good as the original but I tried. Just imagine Hugo Weaving saying it, makes it better.

Anyway, it’s here, winter is here, you just don’t know it yet. It’s creeping into the back of your mind and soon you’ll be searching for video premiere dates, thinking about what pass to get, even looking at early snow tire deals. In Southern California winter isn’t so much a season as it is a state of mind so winter can start anytime I want it to and now seems about as good a time as any.

Like Killington always opening before any other mountain in the U.S. (even if it’s just one patch of snow on half a trail), Burton likes to beat everyone to the punch on their winter site launch. In the olden days I’d be overjoyed when “The Catalog” would arrive in the P.O. Box (google it kids) but now I settle for an email in my inbox letting me know the site is up.

Saving pictures of gear isn’t as much fun as reading and re-reading the catalog, dog earring pages, Sharpie in hand just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. But this is the modern world we live in and at least I get to share my two cents with anyone who’s willing to read my babble.

So, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the product and find what you’re looking for…in terms of snowboard gear, I’m not qualified to guide you in any sort of larger existential search for meaning in this world.


Click on a product and be taken to it’s page on the Burton site. All product was chosen based purely on aesthetic appeal. That being said, I have ridden many of the model’s in years past and that’s where I get my info from. Not from the Burton site, not from a PR person, not from other riders, my own experiences with the board. Some of the boards are new to the line up and I don’t know shit about them except that they look cool. If you want tech specs and a breakdown of how the board rides, I think Burton’s site has it covered. This is a guide to what they got right design wise and what you should plan to spend your money on, got it? Good, let’s begin.



Restricted Custom 154

The Custom has been around since I started riding and over the year’s it’s had some impressive graphics. This year’s nod to beer goggles (or the uppity people who didn’t care for the LOVE boards of 08/09) is destined to be a classic and frustrate many a teenage boy.


Barracuda 157

It’s great when your favorite graphic color-way comes in the right size for you, it’s like cosmic fate man.


Family Tree Cloudsplitter 158

Chances are you don’t need this board but if you love snowboarding, you’ll want it. The gods of snowboard design crafted this backcountry sword with one thing in mind, splitting clouds. We must take up arms against the clouds and divide them before they destroy us all, it is our duty, it is our destiny!


NUG 146

The first time I rode a Nug I was as confused as Ryan Lochte is on a daily basis. How did this little board have so much control? How was it so much fun? What black magic is this?! The second time I didn’t even think about why or how, I just enjoyed the ride, a-lot.


Spliff Split 148

This is a split board version of the Nug.


Restricted Ration 152

I don’t always ride the Ration, but when I do, I’m at Big Bear.


Juice Wagon 157

Juice Wagon is a much better name than Honey Wagon. I doubt native Vermonter Scott Lendhart would have enjoyed doing a graphic for a board sharing it’s name with the liquid manure transporter pulled behind a tractor. Then again he’s a Rupert guy so all bets are off.


Fish 157

I’m not a fisherman. I can’t tie a fly, I don’t like standing in a river with waders on, I don’t enjoy digging in the dirt for big crawlers because I’m not 5 years old. What I do like is ripping through trees on a powder day and that makes me a Fish-man. Get it? Fish-man…as in I…oh forget it. Just buy this board, Terje rides it and it’s fucking awesome.


Easy Livin 155

The first gen Easy Livin is still my ride when I’m home in Vermont during Christmas. It’s still got pop left and the shape, oh man the shape. Hands down one of the best boards ever made, not just by Burton but by anyone. This year Danny wanted to give the people options so the East Livin comes in 3 different shapes. The 155 will be my main ride this winter as the shape is almost identical to ‘ol faithful and the minimalist top sheet allows for ultimate sticker job fun.



Genesis EST

Because you have to put something on your Cloudsplitter or because you give zero fucks about price.


Cobrashark! Re-Flex

It’s like the Malavita but different.


Malavita EST

Nothing clever to say here. The Malavita is what I run, they’re great, I’ve never had any problems with em. This color-way is awesome and will look great on my new Easy Livin, that’s it, that’s all.


Restricted Mission EST

When the Mission came out it was THE binding to have. 13 years later it’s still going strong. Pair em with a Custom and you’ve got a classic ride my friend.


Infidel Re-Flex

An Infidel Re-Flex could be what a Muslim cleric would call an American catching a flag before it touches the ground. But it’s definitely what I attach to my Ration so I can do proper presses on foot high down bars.



Ion Leather Speedzone

Stylish, comfortable, durable. Those are adjectives and this is a caption about a snowboard boot, you figure it out.


Ion Speedzone

This color-way was too good not to post, also a cheaper option.


Restricted Rover

My Italian friends often tell me that their cars, sunglasses, traditional foods, mothers and women are the best in the world. In their defense, they’re Italian so I think they have to say these things loudly and often so as not to incur the wrath of their family. Oh and these funky boots are the result of a collaboration with Italian footwear brand Diemme. You’ll be seeing a-lot of these at Vail Resorts owned properties, which is pretty much everywhere now.


Restricted Ruler

A heavily restricted ruler is what the Tea Party believes a president should be. The Restricted Ruler is an excellent snowboard boot with great details that’s affordable and all around awesome.



If you like lots of color options, lacing your boots up and a good amount of flex then The Rampant is the boot for you. This Black/Rust color-way is my favorite but Denim/Black is a close second.



The Hail has been my go to lace up boot since it became available. Before that we only saw each other in secret, the whole thing was a rather sordid affair.

Okay, that’s it, you made it. You’re now educated on the best of Burton 2014 Hardgoods. Proud of you. Go forth and enjoy the day because tomorrow we tackle the beast that is Burton 2014 Softgoods.


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