Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2014 Jackets

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Let’s talk about softgoods. You want to look cool on the hill, everyone does, especially the people who say they don’t care about how their gear looks. It used to be an issue of function over fashion that separated one outwear brand from another. Now it’s quite the opposite because everyone has a premium line guaranteed to keep you warmer, drier and more comfortable than the other guys. What separates one brand from another is their attention to detail, fit and design quality. Being the large company that it is Burton is able to do these things better than almost anyone year after year. Pulling from their extensive archive and taking inspiration from a myriad places, the Winter 2014 Outerwear collection is a solid one. If you can’t find a kit you like then you might as well ride naked (please don’t) because they’ve really covered all the bases.

Today we’re looking at jackets, Wednesday will be pants and Friday will be accessories/apparel. As it was with my hardgoods picks, so it is with my outerwear picks. I have not worn or tested any of this gear. Choices were made based solely upon the aesthetics of the piece and use of similar gear in the past. Click the products to be taken to the Burton site where further information can be found.


[ak] 2L LZ Down Jacket

The [ak] line consists Burton’s top shelf and it’s got the price tag to prove it. However, when compared to it’s competitors in terms of quality and craftsmanship (Patagonia, North Face, Aether) it becomes more reasonable. When you factor in Burton’s tailoring and attention to minute details, it becomes the clear choice for riders who either need top of the line or just give zero fucks about price. While I don’t fall into either of those categories at the moment I can tell you that the 2L LZ Down is the only down jacket that won’t have you looking like a hobo who just came up on some gear at Goodwill.

[ak] 2L Cyclic Jacket

This is the [ak] line workhorse jacket, I’ve had mine for a few seasons now and when the weather is shit, it’s my go to jacket. It’s a shell which means you can pile on layers underneath when it’s cold and rock it over just a long sleeve tee when it’s less cold (you don’t want to wear it when it’s warm, trust me). This color-way reminds me of jackets from the mid/late 90’s which is good and bad. If it’s not your thing, don’t worry there’s 9 other colors to choose from, including “Blazed” yellow which I’m predicting will be the hot new color on the hill this season, although I hope I’m wrong.

Axis Jacket (GMP)

While not part of the [ak] line this jacket does have fully taped seams and an “Ultimate” waterproof rating. This color-way is “pipline smoke fade” and it’s part of the Green Mountain Project, meaning that it’s made from recycled plastics. It’s cheaper and [ak] gear and has a more tailored fit so that pretty much makes it all around awesome.

Nomad Down Jacket

Nomad Down Jacket

For me, the Nomad embodies exactly what a snowboard jacket should be. Take a classic design, improve upon it by adding details in the the right places while leaving the overall aesthetic as it was. Not too many pockets, updated fit, minimal branding make it just as appropriate off the hill as on. I’d lose the removable fur trim as soon as I took it off the hangar but that’s just me.

Burton x BIONIC Bomber

Because when you’re shoveling the driveway in Vermont in late January you need the warmest jacket in the Burton line. Or because your engineers have finished the time machine and you’re taking a trip to 1976. Or because your grandfather won’t give you his identical looking jacket even though it doesn’t fit him anymore. Or because you ski. Or because you’re a hipster. Or because you own a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Or because you’re Clark Griswold. Or because…

Restricted Flip Flop Jacket

Restricted Flip Flop Jacket

I’m not usually one for two tone jackets but the Flip Flop makes a convincing case for the ever more popular style. It has two of best color-way options in the line one pictured above the other being “Putty/Ballpoint”. Also it’s part of the Restricted line meaning you’ll only find it at select retailers but something tells me this one is worth the extra effort.

Squire Jacket


The Squire was one of my favorite jackets from last season’s collection and apparently lots of other folks felt the same way because it’s back for another season in even more stylish colors, sporting some nifty details (yarn dyed twill fabric in the pictured style) and it’s still affordable. Plus my friend Jack wears it and he goes bout triple overhead every hit in the u-ditch so that’s a good reason to buy it.

Restricted Travel Agent

While I’m not a big fan of big front pockets, I am a fan of Burton’s Mid-Fit and bang for your buck which of which this jackets offers plenty. The pictured color-way and “Ballpoint/Monoxide” are also two of the best in the whole line. Pair that with the classic quilted look and snap button closure, well you’ve got a solid jacket.

Frontier Jacket

Frontier Jacket (GMP)

Obligatory camo jacket.

Salt Shaker Pullover

Salt Shaker Pullover

Archive styling with modern fit and functionality. Pair it with some hardboots, a 162 Safari and hit some steep groomers on a frosty day to earn “burliest ripper” award.

Encore Jacket

Encore Jacket

One of my favorite styles in the whole collection. Look forward to throwing this one on, hoping it right because I’ll make this shit look good.

Latitude Jacket

Latitude Jacket

Reminds me of classic Burton gear from when I was a grom. Simple front pocket design, great arm pocket with my favorite Burton logo stamped on it, a bunch of nifty color-way options, appears they nailed it on this one.

[ak] VT Jacket

[ak] VT Jacket

You know those winter days when you step outside and it feels like someone punched you in the chest? Yeah, this jacket is good defense against the mighty fist of old man winter, not much much against middle aged guy who makes it rain.

Restricted Land Line

Restricted Land Line

In many parts of Vermont you’re restricted to a land line, though I don’t see what the lack of cell towers has to do with naming a smartly designed jacket that comes in a waxed denim style. I guess I’m missing something but you should not miss this jacket, it’s totally great and stuff.

Shackelton Jacket

Unlike the previous jacket, this one has a name that makes sense. Sir Ernest Henry Shackelton led three expeditions the Antartic and remains a cult hero for saving his entire crew from certain death when their ship became stuck in pack ice. This jacket as led zero expeditions to anywhere and doesn’t have a single Twitter follower but it looks pretty sharp so it’s got that in common with the famed Irishman.

Courtside Jacket

Courtside Jacket

Looks better than a hoodie don’t it?

The Ugliest Colorway

Nope that’s not a tongue in cheek name, this is actually the ugliest color-way on the site. The jacket itself isn’t bad at all, it actually comes in some great styles and it’s affordable. “Lucy’s Diamonds”  however is a color-way that should have never been but I won’t be surprised if I see this rather frequently throughout this winter. So if this is the ugliest color-way what’s the ugliest jacket?

The Ugliest Jacket

The Ugliest Jacket

This jacket just screams asshat. It’d look right at home on the racks at ABSBROcrobmie. The awful “faded” color-way combined with the pockets, the buttons and those fucking clasps make The Yardstick in “Washed Canteen” fall way short of being anything that anyone in their right mind would want to wear.


One response to “Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2014 Jackets

  1. Really don’t think this clothing line is a home run or even a bunt…

    It’s more like a throw-back to the 80’s / Early 90’s

    Hopefully it looks better in person or at least on a person but I see a lot of 2 tones without interesting lines & monotones that are not creative at all.

    I LOVE BURTON GEAR!!! They always have edgy creative gear that I can’t get enough of!!!

    This year seams so bland (or) 80’s!

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