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U.S. Open Bash @ The Red Fox Inn

Yup, we’re doing it again. Grab you dancin shoes(or more likely boots) and git yourself on down to The Red Fox Inn a week from today. Gold Town will once again be kicking out the bluegrass jams(with a few surprise guests) and there will of course be drink specials going all night. A $8 suggested donation at the door gets you a raffle ticket and additional tickets will be on sale throughout the night for $5. All the proceeds go to the Jeff Charbonneau Memorial Fund. There’ll be raffle prizes from local businesses and restaurants in addition to those from industry sponsors, Burton, Frends and Vew-Do. Hope to see you out there, gonna be a night to remember…or try very hard to.



31 Days Of Denim

I love jeans. Over the years I’ve had more than my fare share of them but only in the last 5 did I realize that you really only need one, maybe two. For the last year or so I’ve been running a pair of Levi’s Made & Crafted jeans as my only denim. They’ve aged quite nicely but that’s a different story entirely(and trust me I’ll get to that sooner or later). For some time now I’ve been looking to get a fresh pair of jeans made from quality raw denim and wear them for a month, day in and day out. When I found these jeans buried under some other pants(spring cleaning), I knew it was time. They’ve never been washed, I think I’ve owned them for around two years and wore them five or six times before they went MIA. I’m choosing not to disclose the brand at this time because, well I think it’ll be more interesting that way. I’m Looking forward to seeing how these things hold up against a month of wear and tear. Now, off to put em through the first and possibly most important test a pair can go through, skateboarding.



Eat Like A Manchild

What you see above is a sad excuse for what can be a great sandwich. If you grew up eating enriched white bread slathered with Peter Pan and Grape Jelly, I’m sorry. I hope this post restores your faith in the great American sandwich, The Peanut Butter and JAM. There are many variations of the PB&J(Honey, Apples, Bananas, toasting the bread) but for this piece I’m sticking to the purest form. Like any sandwich the key to it being a cut above the rest is the bread. I suggest a thick 100% Whole Wheat bread such as Orowheat Master’s Best Winter Wheat.

Next you’ll want to select a quality peanut butter. I’m a fan of Laura Scudder Old Fashioned Smooth. It’s just the right amount of salty and it’s easy to spread.

Finally you’ll want to find yourself a top shelf jam. Not jelly, not preserves, JAM. If you don’t know the differences between the three I suggest you educate yourself on the subject before going any further. Now as with anything that comes in so many different flavors there will always be a debate about which is the best. Sure I like blueberry, blackberry and raspberry but when it comes to making a classic PB&J, strawberry jam is the only way to go. I suggest Vermont Country Store’s as it is incredibly tasty and from Vermont.

Once you’ve stirred the peanut butter(C’mon it’s worth the effort ya lazy sack of shit) use about a ping pong ball’s worth (or less) to cover once piece of bread. Then WITH A FRESH UTENSIL cover the other piece of bread with a thin layer of jam so you’ve got a 2:1 Peanut Butter to Jam ratio going on. Next take the jam piece of bread and place it on top of the peanut butter piece, cut it in half(or into triangles, I know you people are out there) and eat it. For the complete after school snack experience enjoy a glass of cold chocolate milk,

and some Cheddar Cheese flavor Goldfish.

Alright now go flip on on episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and you’ll really be Eating Like A Manchild.

Off The Grid.

It’s been quite a whirl wind since leaving Los Angeles last Wednesday. After spending five days in NYC, I headed to Stowe, VT with nothing but the clothes on my back and my guitar. I finally arrived home in Pawlet yesterday but was at the ol homestead for all of an hour. It wasn’t until someone complimented me for my recent Thanksgiving post at a party last night that I even thought about the fact I hadn’t been on my laptop for over a week. Maybe it’s because it’s the holidays and  I tend to run around like a crazy person soaking up the country lifestyle while I can but I just don’t miss the internet while I’m here. So I will be on hiatus until I return to Los Angles after the new year. However, just because I’m not posting here doesn’t mean I’m giving up my tech tethers completely. Between Instagram & Twitter I will be generating plenty of content. So should you happen to want a little window into my holiday world you can follow me @nicelifeapparel (Twitter) and @amaness (instagram).

Adventure Out East: Update

 So far the trip has been one turn of good luck after another(excluding the weather but even that’s improved as of today) and I could not be more excited to write about all the experiences we’ve had. We had good clean fun in Burlington and Stowe over the weekend and now for the next two days we’ll be around the ol’ homestead in SoVT. Hiking, skating, shootin and shoppin is the agenda. Update to follow from arrival in the Big Apple.

* Update- Arrived in Brooklyn yesterday. Follow @amaness Instagram feed to see the sights.

The Mailbox Woodstove

 Should only set you back about $30 and an hour of your life. Not sure if our the landlord will be cool with one these out on the balcony, guess I’ll just have to find out.


Love 4 VT

Just a reminder that while the national media has long since moved on from Hurricane Irene, Vermonters are still in great need of their neighbors assistance. By neighbors I mean everyone nationwide. We are after all, the UNITED States of America and in being united means the problems of one are the problems of all. If you have already donated to the VT Red Cross, Foodbank or one of the many other relief programs that’s wonderful. On behalf of all Vermonters I’d like to thank you. If you haven’t I hope that you will consider doing so. My hope is that in selling these shirts I can do more than bring in money for Vermont relief, I can bring awareness to the fact that Vermont is still hurting. I realize times are tough and that it’s not easy to just throw money around. Consider this though, however tough things may be for you right now, I guarantee they’re going to be much harder for many Vermonters this winter. So if you can purchase a shirt, great, if you can only donate a little bit of money, great. Anything helps and anything you can do to be part of the relief effort is welcomed. Neighbors helping neighbors, that’s what Nice Life is about.

*All shirts come with Love 4 VT stickers.

VT Foodbank

VT RedCross





Living Nice

 The van tour is off to a great start.

Living Nice

 So the lack of new posts has been due to me going on a living spree. I will be updating the site as much as possible these next few weeks with photos and stories from my travels. The above photo is from my friend’s place in Aspen,CO where I spent the 4th of July. 75 ft slip n slide not pictured. Stay tuned for write ups on the world premiere of the new surf film from Rick Starick You Look Swell, the best spots to live nice in NYC, Southern Vermont food and the East Coast Frendly Gathering. Cheers.


Off To The Frendly Gathering

 I’ll be spending the next three nights camping at Crowley Lake  and the next 4 days snowboarding at Mammoth. There ain’t no cellular service to be had at Crowley Lake so I’ll upload photos when I can. A super post will be up midweek with a complete write up. Until then, stay livin that Nice Life!