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Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2014 Jackets

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Let’s talk about softgoods. You want to look cool on the hill, everyone does, especially the people who say they don’t care about how their gear looks. It used to be an issue of function over fashion that separated one outwear brand from another. Now it’s quite the opposite because everyone has a premium line guaranteed to keep you warmer, drier and more comfortable than the other guys. What separates one brand from another is their attention to detail, fit and design quality. Being the large company that it is Burton is able to do these things better than almost anyone year after year. Pulling from their extensive archive and taking inspiration from a myriad places, the Winter 2014 Outerwear collection is a solid one. If you can’t find a kit you like then you might as well ride naked (please don’t) because they’ve really covered all the bases.

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Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2013 Softgoods

This past Monday Burton’s 2013 site launched and with it the desire to be on the hill crept to the forefront of my mind. As I made evident in the Hardgoods post, Burton has once again come out with a very impressive line of goods for the 2013 season. The best pieces in the men’s line are clean and understated. Jackets that will look just as good on the street as they do on the mountain.  Yes many of these styles have been experimented with before by other smaller companies and many of them draw from classic looks but the difference is Burton’s resources. The technical fabrics, details and cuts are what separates Burton outerwear from the rest of the pack. Perhaps it’s that snowboarding is coming of age, gaining a certain level of maturity(for the most part) but I for one am very glad to see the continued refinement of outerwear. Sure there are wild patterns and prints to be found in the line but hey, there’s gotta be gear for kooks(Kook (n) an eccentric or foolish person) as well. I mean if there wasn’t, how else would you identify them as kooks? I mean besides watching them grabbing tindy and Zeaching boxes. Enjoy the gear after the jump and remember, shop local.

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Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2013 Hardgoods

When I was just a little grom I would always get excited when I got my hands on the new Burton catalog. I’d sit down and carefully flip through all the pages reading about what new technology they’d come up with for that year(remember Super Fly Core II?) and all the new outerwear I’d seen pros rocking the season before. I suppose now that I’m an old man(by industry standards) I shouldn’t get as excited as I do for their website launch each year. I suppose I should be jaded like many of my friends who dismiss the new technology as unnecessary and the graphics as unimaginative. Many of them say Burton has lost touch with it’s roots and become too commercial. Bullshit. All you have to do is take a good look at the product for this year to see that now more than ever(and for the past 4-5 years in my opinion) Burton is doing an exceptional job of representing core snowboarding values while turning out killer product. This is not to say that I don’t have my issues with some of their choices(U.S. Open moving to Vail for example) but I can tell you that the gear I have is on a quality level all it’s own. So here, in the dogs days of summer, in the middle of this “heat wave” as Southern Californians call it(no humidity so who cares) I thought I’d put together a piece with the hard goods you should be most excited about putting to good use on the mountain this season. Burton says 2013 is an iconic year, I’d like think that’ll be the case. After all, scientists say that it’s gonna be a La Nina winter and getting skunked on a good season two years in a row, that’s just unheard of. Cheers.

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That John Denver is full of shit man.

Life's about shiftin gears, poundin beers and killin deers.

Land of the free home of the brave.

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

At home in the woods.

Get em while they last!

Today’s Most Wanted

The Roccia Vet part of Diemme’s impressive AW 2012 line. Click the pic to check out their current offerings. Made in Italy from the finest materials these don’t come cheap. That is of course assuming that you could find somewhere to buy them that isn’t sold out. I suggest Mr. Porter for those of you not living in New York City.

Today’s Most Wanted

I’ve been searching for the perfect loafer for some time now and I think I finally found it. Oak Street Bootmaker’s Penny Loafer in the Natural Beefroll colorway is ready for years of wear and tear which of course will only make it look even better. Sure $270 might seem like a-lot for a pair of loafers but when you consider the love that went into making each and every pair, I think you’ll find it makes the price well worth it.

Today’s Most Wanted

These days you’re lucky to get one quality jacket for under $400. Patagonia is offering 3 jackets in 1 for $375. The Great Horn Parka is a bargain and having tried one on recently I can tell you the fit is perfect. The clean and simple look of the coat will keep you incognito on the slopes, while the technical features will keep you warm and happy. Click the pic or visit your Patagonia retailer to get yours.

Today’s Most Wanted

 Barbour’s Moleskin Liddesdale Jacket might be the most comfortable jacket I’ve ever put on. At $199.00 it’s affordable and if you buy from Orvis it’s backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee which means if for some crazy reason you don’t like it, you can return it. That won’t be an issue though because this jacket is a little slice of luxury that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.




Today’s Most Wanted

The Ditch Pullover Hoodie from the boys at Saturdays Surf NYC. Had a chance to put this thing on during my shop visit. All I can say is that I aspire to make items as comfortable as this. Pick yours up HERE or if you’re in the city stop by the shop, have a look around, maybe grab a coffee if you have time.


Today’s Most Wanted

 The Hill-Side recently introduced a revolutionary new style to their already excellent collection of ties. That’s right people, The Hill-Side now has a point. I know what you’re thinking “my uncle wears pointed ties, he’s not cool” or “you can have my flat tip tie when you pry it from my hip, cold dead fingers!”. I urge you to remain calm and give the point a chance, you might just enjoy it. Besides, your grandfather probably wore a pointed tie and he was surely much better dressed than you.