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Adventure Time: NYC-Montreal

When was the last time you jumped on a train for a weekend getaway? Yeah, that’s what I thought, you’ve never done that. Well the good folks at Amtrak would like that to change, so they’re offering all sorts of good deals of late. One of the best, New York City to Montreal for $89, round trip. That’s right, $89 and you’ve got yourself a ride on one of the most scenic train rides in the world. Having done the leg between Albany and NYC many, many times I can attest to the truth in the previous statement for those first two and a half hours. North of Albany the tracks go on to cut through the Adirondack Mountains and hug the shores of Lake Champlain, beautiful landscape by car, even more beautiful by train I’m sure. This deal only runs until April 23rd and travel must be complete by April 26th, so you better get to planning. All the details you need are on Amtrack, just click the pic up above and enjoy your getaway.

Check Out…

 Track is a photo essay by Elizabeth Weinberg. Simple concept, get on a train in Los Angeles, take it all the way to Portland, OR, take photos along the way. Though the idea is simple, the beauty lies in the execution. Weinberg took it a step further and complied her photos into a nice little zine that you can purchase here. It’s great to see people executing fun little ideas like this and producing unique content. Sure it’s something that just about anyone could do but Weinberg actually went out and did it.  Check out more of her work by clicking the pic above.