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Check Out: From The Borders, Full Movie

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/105773405 w=500&h+=280 ]

Creativity runs in the Mull family. I was fortunate to have the pater familias, Pete Mull, for an English teacher in high school, his passion for film put me on the path to where I am today. His sons, Dave, Steve, Tom and Charley have long been doing some of the most unique and interesting work within the skate world.

It makes me so hyped to see so many spots I grew up skating approached in a different way. There aren’t a ton of options for skaters in Vermont, certainly more now than there was a decade ago but it’s still pretty sparse out there. The Mulls and their friends have always made the best of the world around them, resulting in raw and entertaining skating.

I hope this film gets lots of exposure, it’d be well deserved. These guys have a different way of looking at things and I think skateboarding needs that now more than ever. Hell, the world at large needs that now more than ever.


4 Wheels Of Fury

The boys over at TheWorble keep bringing the heat. Having watched these kids grow from the lil park rats from Bennington into the lifeblood of the Southern Vermont skate scene gives me hope for the future of skating in our little rural corner of New England. A concrete park in Manchester, Vermont? It could happen. Also check out Dave’s contest submission for the Gatorade Free Flow Tour right HERE. Leave a nice comment or like it so Dave can win a trip to SLC.

The Worble-Sip of Summer

More good stuff from the Mull brothers. I’m gonna be digging into my video archives in these coming weeks to see what’s bouncing around from years gone by. Some good stuff no doubt.

The Worble

Check Out…

Dave Mull. Dave is a good ol boy from Southern Vermont. I once took him on a trip to England when he was 14 and he broke his wrist jumping off a 25ft wall into a bank in the finals of a skate contest. Since then I think he’s only gotten crazier. I think I might even have footage of all that somewhere might just have to dig it up. Anyway check out Dave and the rest of the talented Mull family over on their blog The Worble.