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U.S. Open Bash @ The Red Fox Inn

Yup, we’re doing it again. Grab you dancin shoes(or more likely boots) and git yourself on down to The Red Fox Inn a week from today. Gold Town will once again be kicking out the bluegrass jams(with a few surprise guests) and there will of course be drink specials going all night. A $8 suggested donation at the door gets you a raffle ticket and additional tickets will be on sale throughout the night for $5. All the proceeds go to the Jeff Charbonneau Memorial Fund. There’ll be raffle prizes from local businesses and restaurants in addition to those from industry sponsors, Burton, Frends and Vew-Do. Hope to see you out there, gonna be a night to remember…or try very hard to.




Snowboarding is about having fun with your Frends and few people in snowboarding are constantly having as much fun as these guys. If you’ve got some time check out more videos filmed with a fancy new HD camera on Frendsvision. The site just got a facelift and the new product is up too, it’s Ahmazing.

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 Grab your Frends and head to Vermont, it’s gonna be a hell of an experience. Click the pic for all the info you need.


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 Alright east coast readers now it’s your turn to gather some friends and come have a blast with some of my Frends. The West Coast Frendly Gathering was a wild success and I know the East Coast is ready to throw down. Timber Ridge is the perfect venue (trust me they’re no strangers to hosting a good party) and word on the street is the farmers almanac predicts a beautiful July for the green mountain state. So click the pic above to get your tix and spread the word in your area! If you missed out on the west coast check our article to get an idea of what this is all about.

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Givin presents “One” the teaser. Lotta Nice Life fam appearing in the full feature folks so when fall rolls around, best have some dollars saved for a copy. The trailer pretty much says it all, gonna be a good “One”. See what I did there? Killer use of Frankenstein by the way. Bout time that song got in a trailer.

Hard Hitting Investigative Journalism: The 2nd Annual Frendly Gathering

Imagine for a moment that you’re a professional snowboarder. You’ve had a long grueling season busting your ass making sure that your sponsors are happy, elevating your game and trying to stay one step ahead of everyone else. You’re tired, burned out, exhausted from what has become one of the most body taxing careers on the planet. What do you wanna do when the contest season finally draws to a close? Head to a personal trainer to get ready for next season? Hang out in a multi-million dollar mansion waiting on your next endorsement deal to finalize? If you’re a sane person you’d wanna relax with your friends and maybe make some new ones as well. It’s that line of thought that created the idea for the first Frendly Gathering last year. Just 25 people hanging out by a lake, listening to music on portable speakers, in sweltering heat, at the beginning of June. Oh what a difference a year makes.

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Off To The Frendly Gathering

 I’ll be spending the next three nights camping at Crowley Lake  and the next 4 days snowboarding at Mammoth. There ain’t no cellular service to be had at Crowley Lake so I’ll upload photos when I can. A super post will be up midweek with a complete write up. Until then, stay livin that Nice Life!

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Come on, come all. More information click the pic. Check out a few cool photos from last years event right HERE.

You Gotta Read

Click above to head on over to BLISS MAGAZINE for some hard hitting investigative journalism from Daniel Davis. He’s prying all sorts of information out of his Frend, Jack Ryan Mitrani. Does Jack go bigger than everyone in the halfpipe? Yes. Is Jack single? Um. Does Canada really only give you one ketchup packet? WTF?!

On The Road Again

Putting the last of my stuff in storage this morning then hittin the road to the ol hippie city by the bay. Checking out Outside Lands for the weekend with some good Frends and then heading to Reno for, well Reno stuff. By Wednesday I should be good to make the 8 hour burn across Nevada and the Salt Flats to Park City. Not really sure how long I’ll be there for but I know I won’t be doing much blogging until then. I leave you with a few of my favorite road songs that will surely be blasting out of my car windows at some point during the trip. Cheers.

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