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You Gotta Read

Night before last Mr. Shawn Corey Carter put on a show at a little place called Carnegie Hall(yes, named after the original Carnegie Deli owner Andrew Carnegie) in New York City. Apparently it was a good show because on the rise publication Gentlemen’s Quarterly sent Jayson Greene to cover it. They even purchased his ticket for him(these magazine thingys must be catching on). Click the picture above to read his report which includes the full set list. I’m hoping they’ll release a DVD of the whole affair. Not because I want to hear the music, but because I want to see how many elderly people’s heads exploded by the end of the night.

In all seriousness, Jay-Z is the fucking man, period.


You Gotta Read: GQ Blogger Showdown 10

 Any debate that generates comments as great as the one you see pictured above has to be worth reading right? Glad you agree. Click style guru Mrs. Skelton’s comment to read the excellent debate between 10 Engines’ James Fox and An Affordable Wardrobe’s Giuseppe Timore on whether any man can pull of cowboy gear. I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other. If you’re putting it on for you, more power to ya. If you’re putting it on because you think rocking western gear makes you appear more “manly”, you’ve got bigger problems than what you’re wearing. I just can’t stop laughing at the idea that western wear being influenced by Ed Hardy is somehow better than high rise Wranglers, fringes and pointy toed boots. If there’s one thing all fashion bloggers can agree on, it’s that putting on the Lone Ranger’s duds would be far better than putting on an Ed Hardy get up.

*When is GQ gonna get smart an start taping these showdowns? Give Don King a call, he’ll promote it. Better yet maybe Wooster should, he’s the Don King of the fashion world right?




 BMW’s Six On Six series features industry leaders talking about the future of their disciplines. I found them all very well done but Auerbach and Bastian in particular had some very interesting points. Click the pic to check out the series over at GQ.

You Gotta Read

 While flipping through GQ earlier I the above image caught my eye. It’s a shot from one of my favorite action movies, The Rock directed by the one and only Michael Bay. Though I enjoy a good popcorn flick as much as the next guy (SHOULD), I do admit to Bay Bashing more than a few times in my life. Yeah Pearl Harbor sucked but the majority of fault lies in the casting department on that one. The Island, Transformers 2? Both forgivable in my book. With Transformers: Dark Of The Moon coming out today (I’ll be going tomorrow and plan to do a full experience re-cap) I’ve heard more than a few people in various public places talking about how Bay sucks and his films are awful. Well people, you’re still talking about him aren’t ya and you’re also making yourself look stupid. So don’t be one of those people, click the pic above and read GQ’s excellent article featuring words straight from the mouths of the impressive list of actors with whom Bay has worked. Above all remember this, who are we to shit talk a man with 8 blockbuster films(one flop) and the most epic Meat Loaf music video of all time under his belt.

You Gotta Read

GQ plays would you rather with Minnesota Twins catcher, Joe Mauer.

11. Would you rather exchange picture text messages with Brett Favre or get food poisoning during a double header?
Answer: Text With Favre
“Hopefully the pictures are G-rated.”

Click the pic to read more.

You Gotta Read

As a film student this article couldn’t be more disheartening and at the same time motivating. Yes, the studios are pumping out crap like a honeywagon in springtime(farming reference) but at the same time the indie film world is gaining more and more momentum with every “Cedar Rapids” and “Cyrus”. I do love big budget films and sequels are always fun as long as the characters are bringing something new to the table. In order for the characters to bring something new to the table the actors have to bring something new to the table and therein lies the “secret” to a good sequel. Hopefully this summer’s massive crop will feature some of that “good acting” stuff. I’m calling it right now, Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon will be the best one yet. Click the pic above to read Mark Harris’ excellent article on the state of Hollywood.


Scarlett Johansson is Monday’s Babe of The Day because she’s GQ’s Babe Of The Year.

The 25 Best Cocktail Bars In America

Cole’s is one of two places I’ve been to on GQ’s list but my next trip to NYC I plan to knock off a few more. It’s a beautiful thing this drinking revolution we’re going through right now. Come on put down the Captain and Cola, you’re not in high school…or are you? Either way step your game up you’ll be glad you did. In fact you can can even try making the signature Nice Life cocktail which you can learn about if you simply read more.

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YES! That’s Awesome!

Seriously the guy is my hero. Go find the August issue of GQ and read his interview cause it’s…well it’s awesome.


Cameron Richardson is Friday’s Babe Of The Day because I was previously unaware of her existence until this morning when GQ brought her to my attention. This is a formal apology Ms. Richardson. It is Ms. Richardson right? Please say yes…