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HEY! It’s Art.

 Good Day CA is a series of postcard style pieces by Braden Wise. Wise( a Minnesota native) recently moved to Hollywood and  created the Good Day CA series to serve as a visual memoir of the move using typography, metaphor and aesthetics to convey his experiences so far. Being a L.A. transplant myself I find this series particularly interesting and very well done. The image above is by far my favorite and is perhaps the most apt visual representation of life in L.A. that I’ve ever seen. Click the pic to check out the whole series on Wise’s site.



Check Out…

 If you’re in LA tonight come on by the Roosevelt Hotel and have a bit of Tuesday night fun by their pool. Our friends at Rhythm know how to put on a good party and of all the pools in Hollyweird, the Tropicana is the bees knees. Don’t have a swim attire? Not to worry, Rhythm will have you covered thanks to the pop-up shop they’ll have rockin right by the pool.  Don’t have any excuses now do ya?

You Gotta Read

As a film student this article couldn’t be more disheartening and at the same time motivating. Yes, the studios are pumping out crap like a honeywagon in springtime(farming reference) but at the same time the indie film world is gaining more and more momentum with every “Cedar Rapids” and “Cyrus”. I do love big budget films and sequels are always fun as long as the characters are bringing something new to the table. In order for the characters to bring something new to the table the actors have to bring something new to the table and therein lies the “secret” to a good sequel. Hopefully this summer’s massive crop will feature some of that “good acting” stuff. I’m calling it right now, Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon will be the best one yet. Click the pic above to read Mark Harris’ excellent article on the state of Hollywood.

LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF-The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

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Short Film of the Week-Assassin’s Creed Lineage

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