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Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2014 Hardgoods


Remember! Remember! The 13th of August! The boards, the bindings, the boots! This is the season, the season of reason and we all aught to be ready to bomb chutes! Ok, it’s not as good as the original but I tried. Just imagine Hugo Weaving saying it, makes it better.

Anyway, it’s here, winter is here, you just don’t know it yet. It’s creeping into the back of your mind and soon you’ll be searching for video premiere dates, thinking about what pass to get, even looking at early snow tire deals. In Southern California winter isn’t so much a season as it is a state of mind so winter can start anytime I want it to and now seems about as good a time as any.

Like Killington always opening before any other mountain in the U.S. (even if it’s just one patch of snow on half a trail), Burton likes to beat everyone to the punch on their winter site launch. In the olden days I’d be overjoyed when “The Catalog” would arrive in the P.O. Box (google it kids) but now I settle for an email in my inbox letting me know the site is up.

Saving pictures of gear isn’t as much fun as reading and re-reading the catalog, dog earring pages, Sharpie in hand just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. But this is the modern world we live in and at least I get to share my two cents with anyone who’s willing to read my babble.

So, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the product and find what you’re looking for…in terms of snowboard gear, I’m not qualified to guide you in any sort of larger existential search for meaning in this world.

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Dan Davis, Jack Mitrani bringing you the important headlines of the day. KP will have the weather at 11.

Hard Hitting Investigative Journalism: The 2nd Annual Frendly Gathering

Imagine for a moment that you’re a professional snowboarder. You’ve had a long grueling season busting your ass making sure that your sponsors are happy, elevating your game and trying to stay one step ahead of everyone else. You’re tired, burned out, exhausted from what has become one of the most body taxing careers on the planet. What do you wanna do when the contest season finally draws to a close? Head to a personal trainer to get ready for next season? Hang out in a multi-million dollar mansion waiting on your next endorsement deal to finalize? If you’re a sane person you’d wanna relax with your friends and maybe make some new ones as well. It’s that line of thought that created the idea for the first Frendly Gathering last year. Just 25 people hanging out by a lake, listening to music on portable speakers, in sweltering heat, at the beginning of June. Oh what a difference a year makes.

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You Gotta Read

Click above to head on over to BLISS MAGAZINE for some hard hitting investigative journalism from Daniel Davis. He’s prying all sorts of information out of his Frend, Jack Ryan Mitrani. Does Jack go bigger than everyone in the halfpipe? Yes. Is Jack single? Um. Does Canada really only give you one ketchup packet? WTF?!