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#happymotoring: 2014 Buick Regal GS

First episode of my new automotive web series that focuses on the soul of a car rather than the technical data. I know what you’re thinking, “Andrew, cars don’t have souls, especially red ones”. Technically you’re correct, machines do not in fact have souls but they’re a product of someone’s artistic vision and I think to some degree that translates to having an inkling of a soul. Philosophical debates aside, i hope you enjoy this episode and will stay tuned for all those to come.



Photo Of The Day

This photo pretty much just exemplifies summer to me. Maybe it’s because I took it while I was home visiting Vermont on a gorgeous summer day(something we can’t seem to get here in LA) but I think other people can feel the connection too. Oh and it was shot with the I-Phone 4. I don’t really give a fuck about all the service problems(which honestly haven’t happened to me) cause at the very least I paid $200 for a nice ass slim camera with a flash. WIN!

via AwesomeIShotThat

YES! That’s Awesome!

yay it’s the average girl in LA!