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Necessaries: Richer Poorer Wool Socks


Our ancient ancestors were tough people. They wandered a violent earth chasing down food that often fought back. They made clothes and shelter with what was left over from dinner and they did it barefoot. We have heated car seats, Amazon Prime and cronuts, fucking CRONUTS. Point is, there are a-lot of unnecessary comforts in our modern lives but quality socks are not among them. Richer Poorer now has a full line of tastefully designed wool socks that are as comfortable in Vans in SoCal as they are in Chippewa’s in Vermont. I know this because I’ve worn them in both scenarios and unlike many other brands, RP’s socks didn’t leave my feet sweaty or cold. Do yourself a favor, pass on the organic toilet paper and the vegan shampoo, pick up a couple pairs of these socks instead, then maybe get a doughssant. After all, some indulgences are just fucking worth it.

www.richer-poorer.com or click the pic.

*full disclosure RP are friends of the program but I don’t back bullshit products and if they were BS I’d put them on blast.