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Hard Hitting Investigative Journalism: The 2nd Annual Frendly Gathering

Imagine for a moment that you’re a professional snowboarder. You’ve had a long grueling season busting your ass making sure that your sponsors are happy, elevating your game and trying to stay one step ahead of everyone else. You’re tired, burned out, exhausted from what has become one of the most body taxing careers on the planet. What do you wanna do when the contest season finally draws to a close? Head to a personal trainer to get ready for next season? Hang out in a multi-million dollar mansion waiting on your next endorsement deal to finalize? If you’re a sane person you’d wanna relax with your friends and maybe make some new ones as well. It’s that line of thought that created the idea for the first Frendly Gathering last year. Just 25 people hanging out by a lake, listening to music on portable speakers, in sweltering heat, at the beginning of June. Oh what a difference a year makes.

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Mammoth Minute: Evan Williams

Just a lil video I shot and put together for my buddy Evan.

Photo Of The Day

Well I gotta show myself some love sometime I guess. Crowley Lake 6/5/10

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Nice Life in Mammoth Episode 1

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L.Y.F.A.O.-Frends Clip of the Damn Day

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That’s Nice-Luke Mitrani Gran Prix Finals Run

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The Nice Life Family-Shayne Pospisil

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Mammoth Mountain Season Kickoff Weekend!

Get Real

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