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Out & About: Visiting Shinola HQ


This past March while on location in Detroit, I had the good fortune of being invited to take a look around one of my favorite brand’s headquarters. Having been following the resurrection of the once ubiquitous brand since 2011, I was eager to see behind the curtain. Was Shinola in fact a company hell bent on restoring faith in American manufacturing or was it simply another attempt to capitalize on the “Americana” movement? My assumption was that no brand based in Detroit would survive if it were the latter and having a look at Shinola’s inner workings confirmed what I had hoped to be true – Shinola is the real deal.

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BreakTheIce In Detroit

Back in February I went to Detroit with some friends and shot a series of videos with Coors Light. Noted graffiti artists RISK and SEVER were on as well to add some flavor to our chosen urban zones. While there I got a chance to check out some of the best food Detroit has to offer like Vinsetta Garage and Star Deli as well as take a private tour of Shinola’s factory, more on that soon. Enjoy this video, which I had the pleasure of editing and make sure to pick up a 6’er of Coors Light, if that’s your sort of thing.


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Where Soldiers Come From is a documentary from filmmaker Heather Courtney about the young men(and women) who fight our wars. Unconcerned with the politics, Courtney’s film is rather a look at the effect of war on the families, community and soldiers themselves. I plan to catch this while it’s playing here in Los Angeles and if you live in any of the other select cities it’s playing in I hope you’ll go see it as well. Coming from a small rural community, I know many men both young and old, who have returned from overseas only to find that the battle has come back with them only it’s fought inside. If you know someone who has served or even just run into someone on active duty in the airport, thank them for all that they do, they’ll appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. I couldn’t embed the trailer  so click the pic to watch it on the film’s press site.

VOTD- It’s So Cold In The D

My friend Matt showed me this last night. He’s from Michigan so it’s extra funny to him but having been to Detroit I find it pretty fucking hilarious too. It’s also sad because he assured me this is not a joke. This is a real rap video made by real inhabitants of the D.