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Adventure Time: NYC-Montreal

When was the last time you jumped on a train for a weekend getaway? Yeah, that’s what I thought, you’ve never done that. Well the good folks at Amtrak would like that to change, so they’re offering all sorts of good deals of late. One of the best, New York City to Montreal for $89, round trip. That’s right, $89 and you’ve got yourself a ride on one of the most scenic train rides in the world. Having done the leg between Albany and NYC many, many times I can attest to the truth in the previous statement for those first two and a half hours. North of Albany the tracks go on to cut through the Adirondack Mountains and hug the shores of Lake Champlain, beautiful landscape by car, even more beautiful by train I’m sure. This deal only runs until April 23rd and travel must be complete by April 26th, so you better get to planning. All the details you need are on Amtrack, just click the pic up above and enjoy your getaway.


You Gotta Read

Night before last Mr. Shawn Corey Carter put on a show at a little place called Carnegie Hall(yes, named after the original Carnegie Deli owner Andrew Carnegie) in New York City. Apparently it was a good show because on the rise publication Gentlemen’s Quarterly sent Jayson Greene to cover it. They even purchased his ticket for him(these magazine thingys must be catching on). Click the picture above to read his report which includes the full set list. I’m hoping they’ll release a DVD of the whole affair. Not because I want to hear the music, but because I want to see how many elderly people’s heads exploded by the end of the night.

In all seriousness, Jay-Z is the fucking man, period.

Off The Grid.

It’s been quite a whirl wind since leaving Los Angeles last Wednesday. After spending five days in NYC, I headed to Stowe, VT with nothing but the clothes on my back and my guitar. I finally arrived home in Pawlet yesterday but was at the ol homestead for all of an hour. It wasn’t until someone complimented me for my recent Thanksgiving post at a party last night that I even thought about the fact I hadn’t been on my laptop for over a week. Maybe it’s because it’s the holidays and  I tend to run around like a crazy person soaking up the country lifestyle while I can but I just don’t miss the internet while I’m here. So I will be on hiatus until I return to Los Angles after the new year. However, just because I’m not posting here doesn’t mean I’m giving up my tech tethers completely. Between Instagram & Twitter I will be generating plenty of content. So should you happen to want a little window into my holiday world you can follow me @nicelifeapparel (Twitter) and @amaness (instagram).

Today’s Most Wanted

 The Hill-Side recently introduced a revolutionary new style to their already excellent collection of ties. That’s right people, The Hill-Side now has a point. I know what you’re thinking “my uncle wears pointed ties, he’s not cool” or “you can have my flat tip tie when you pry it from my hip, cold dead fingers!”. I urge you to remain calm and give the point a chance, you might just enjoy it. Besides, your grandfather probably wore a pointed tie and he was surely much better dressed than you.


Today’s Most Wanted

CXXVI Clothing has now expanded their ever growing collection of fine items to include bags. The Worker’s Carrier is a light overnight bag constructed of the sturdiest American waxed cotton, leather and nylon. Pick one of these up before they’re gone, I have a feeling they soon will be. Click the pic above people.

HEY! It’s Art

 I’ve always been a big fan of graphite pencil work, probably because my father often worked within that medium and the fact that it’s more accessible than paints. Combine that with with skulls, skeletons and bones, well I’m hooked. Laurie Lipton’s work is nothing short of stunning. The picture above titled “The Music Of Time” is my personal favorite and I wish I had the cash to pickup the original. If you’re in the New York metropolitan area you can check out Laurie’s Carnival Of Death at Last Rites Gallery now until the 23rd of this month. Otherwise click the pic above to check out the rest of her excellent work. On a side note, how awesome of an album cover would that be?

Check Out…

 The photography of Richard Sandler. These are honestly some of the most impressive images from New York I’ve ever seen. Many people try to capture a feeling in a photo but few succeed on this level. Shot throughout the 80’s Sandler’s photos capture moments in a New York that is long gone, but will never be forgotten. Click the pic to check out the collection on his site.

Check Out…

 The 2nd Annual Kick Starter Film Festival in NYC July 9th. Tickets are on sale today at 3pm EST. Click the pic above for more info.

Photo Of The Day

 It’s no secret that Linda McCartney was an amazing photographer. Her photos capture the intimate moments of many of the 20th century’s most influential figures in music. Through the end of July you can see assorted images from over 200,000 photographs at New York’s Bonni Benrubi Gallery. I certainly plan to check out the exhibit when I visit the city in July and you should too. Click the pic above to check out more of the photos over at Flavorwire.

Check Out…

From it’s humble beginnings as a black & white ‘zine in Vermont to the glossy paged photo mag that it is today, The Journal has always been a good read. Now Mike Nevin’s entires are archived in full, on their new site and man does looking at these covers take me back. Next time I’m home I’m gonna have to dig through the magazine boxes and see if I can find all my issues. The Journal is proof that if you put all your heart into something, though it make take some time, great things will come of it. Click the pic above to check out the new site and look for The Journal at finer booksellers near you.