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YES! That’s Awesome!

 Not only is it awesome, it’s just so damn true. I love New York.


The Bowery Boys is one of my favorite sites to visit regularly. Their unique New York City history is always interesting and often really funny. This particular story is amazing, the story of The Manhattan Airport that almost was.

Check Out…

The Guitar Heroes exhibit, currently running at the Met. Rather than tell you about the exhibit click above to check out the website which features interviews, guitar bios and amazing performances. If you happen to have an I-Phone or I-Pad you have to get the App they made. It’s amazing, in fact I’d say it’s the most interesting app I’ve downloaded to date.

Photo Of The Day

St. Patricks Cathedral, NYC as shot by Andrew Mace.

YES! That’s Awesome!

You Gotta Read

What if New York had seceded from the Union in the 1860’s? Click above to read a very interesting and thought provoking article full of things that may surprise you.

HEY! It’s Art

The great cities of the great stories.

Levi’s NYC Photo Workshop

If you’re in New York City you should really check this out. I’m planning to be present on Thursday for the Taschen exhibit but there’s cool stuff going on all the time at 18 Wooster St.

via TheSelvedgeYard


Lovin this vintage newsreel from the 40’s about the glory of NYC. More videos of New York through the years starting pre 20th century right HERE.

via. Secret Forts

Partying In America: NYC Edition

On the final night of my east coast tour I met up with my buddy Rick Starick in NYC to check out  Vice Magazine‘s opening party for Jerry Hsu. After a mellow 45 minute Subway ride I was walking around Tribeca on a truly gorgeous evening. Once I got over to Franklin Street I found Rick and headed inside. It quickly became clear that there was going to have to be a strategy to taking advantage of the free booze situation due to the sweltering heat inside the building.

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