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Seen & Heard: Naturally


This past Tuesday I shot down to Oakley’s HQ in Irvine for the world premiere of Naturally starring fellow Vermonter and #vanlife afficionado, Jake Blauvelt. As I sat in traffic on the 405 I had plenty of time to think about what I was expecting the film to be like and how it would stack up against the film I’d seen just 5 days prior, Nike’s NeverNot. I was completely (and pleasantly) surprised by the style of Naturally and I cant’t say how it stacks up against NeverNot because they’re such different films. Even though they’re both comedies about golf you can’t (shouldn’t) compare Happy Gilmore to Caddyshack so I’ll leave it at that. Continue reading


Today’s Most Wanted

The Lyndel by Mosley Tribes . Everyone should have a pair of tortoise frames for summer and not everyone should be wearing Wayfarers(though I do love em). So until Oakley pulls it’s head out of it’s ass and makes the Holbrook in tortoise, these will have to do. Click the pic to get yours from Sunglass Hut.

Today’s Most Wanted

Summer is fast approaching which means it’s time to stock up on new sunnys. I’ve had many a pair of Frogskins but nothing beats a nice black frame and some fire iridium lenses.


Eero Ettala’s full part from Tracking Eero

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