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Check Out: From The Borders, Full Movie

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/105773405 w=500&h+=280 ]

Creativity runs in the Mull family. I was fortunate to have the pater familias, Pete Mull, for an English teacher in high school, his passion for film put me on the path to where I am today. His sons, Dave, Steve, Tom and Charley have long been doing some of the most unique and interesting work within the skate world.

It makes me so hyped to see so many spots I grew up skating approached in a different way. There aren’t a ton of options for skaters in Vermont, certainly more now than there was a decade ago but it’s still pretty sparse out there. The Mulls and their friends have always made the best of the world around them, resulting in raw and entertaining skating.

I hope this film gets lots of exposure, it’d be well deserved. These guys have a different way of looking at things and I think skateboarding needs that now more than ever. Hell, the world at large needs that now more than ever.


The Midweek Breakdown

I refuse to go all in on the “hump day” social media but there are quite a few things I’ve come across early this week that I’d like to share. Will the Midweek Breakdown become a regular post? Probably, I’m finding it much easier to condense found content into three weekly posts with updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Doesn’t that sound great? Yeah I know it does, now enjoy the Midweek Breakdown and leave some comments, I’d love to know how I’m doing with my new improved format that just came to me while writing this post. As always click the photos for more info.


1.) Get a copy of Big Black Delta’s self titled debut album. Saw them last night and they did not disappoint. It’s hard to define their sound but it’s sorta like Moody Blues, Chromeo, industrial soul with Bono singing. Cool right?



2.) Follow @matthardigree as he drives across the USA in this. You can even suggest places for him to stop or beg him to come take you for a spin. Although if you attempt the latter, you had better have a good reason because the internet will shame you if you don’t.



3.) Got some money burning a hole in your pocket or just fiscally irresponsible? You’re in luck because the Mr.Porter Semi-Annual Sale is going on now. Four Pins has a list of the 22 Best Products they found at what they called “the best online retailer in the world”.



4.) Sure you used to skate, you might even still have a cruiser board or ask to borrow a deck when you see someone with one at the beach and then proceed to try like 50 kickflips before inevitably fucking up said person’s fresh new setup(not bitter, just saying). The point is that it doesn’t matter if you’re still an avid skater, trying to relieve your youth or just trying to impress the ladies, you need to watch the Battle At The Berrics Goofy vs. Regular finals.



5.) Subscribe to the DTM channel on YouTube. Yeah NASCAR can be interesting(for the last 10 laps) but DTM racing is where it’s at. While you’re over there on the YouTube, might as well subscribe to my channel as well.


On The Road Again

Should get some interesting pictures to post.