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Way Out East: Part 3

Kitsch at it's best.

When we awoke Sunday morning it was to a clear blue sky and a crisp breeze coming off the lake, that didn’t last long. By the time we’d gotten ourselves together in order to fetch breakfast it had clouded up and was threatening to rain. Having had our previous attempts to skate thwarted by weather or ridiculous skatepark mandates(full pads at my age that I have to pay to rent? Don’t think so.) we made quick work of a mountain of food at The Skinny Pancake and headed to Burton HQ. For those of you who don’t know, Burton has long had skate facilities for their employees and they’re nice enough to let just about anybody skate so long as your respectful(should go without saying). I used to be fortunate enough to skate the bowl everyday when I lived in Burlington and I jumped back into it with the notion that all the lines would come back to me within a few runs.

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Love 4 VT

 I know the national attention span is very short but we’re only two weeks out from when Hurricane Irene rolled through Vermont leaving a trail of destruction on a scale of which Vermont has never seen. People are just beginning to really get a handle on where to go from here. Please help the many families in need back in my home state by clicking the photo above. You’ll get two die cut stickers designed by native Vermonter Tim Benasich and the proceeds from your purchase go straight to the VT Red Cross. The Love 4 VT stickers just so happen to fit perfectly on the back of an I-Pod Phone, look great on a car window or perhaps on your fridge. Show love for the Green Mountain State as we show love for everyone(even you New Jersey) year round. Cheers.