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Check Out: From The Borders, Full Movie

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/105773405 w=500&h+=280 ]

Creativity runs in the Mull family. I was fortunate to have the pater familias, Pete Mull, for an English teacher in high school, his passion for film put me on the path to where I am today. His sons, Dave, Steve, Tom and Charley have long been doing some of the most unique and interesting work within the skate world.

It makes me so hyped to see so many spots I grew up skating approached in a different way. There aren’t a ton of options for skaters in Vermont, certainly more now than there was a decade ago but it’s still pretty sparse out there. The Mulls and their friends have always made the best of the world around them, resulting in raw and entertaining skating.

I hope this film gets lots of exposure, it’d be well deserved. These guys have a different way of looking at things and I think skateboarding needs that now more than ever. Hell, the world at large needs that now more than ever.


Necessaries: Burton Stash Pant


Sweatpants suck. These are not sweatpants, these are what sweatpants want to be. These are the pants that stayed away from fast food and didn’t gain the freshman 15. They studied hard and graduated with a degree in superior comfort. I thought Uniqlo had the most comfortable off duty bottoms ever in their faux shearling sweatpants, but Burton came in and threw down the fucking gauntlet. Made from clouds and kitten laughs, the Stash Pant is the Phantom Drophead Coupe (google it) of loungewear. Seriously, you will not want to take these off once you put them on which could potentially make for some awkward moments in public but it they’re well worth every look glare. Here’s what Burton has to say about their magical pant.

“These technically advanced sweats are fully loaded and feature everything from chafe-free architecture to UPF 50+ protection against ultraviolet rays. Stretch properties give you contortionist-like mobility, while quick-drying and ultra-breathable DRYRIDE Ultrawick™ jersey fabric with a funk-defying antimicrobial finish ups the comfort ante.”

As with most amazing products these are sold out on the website but it’s worth checking with your local Burton stockist to see if they have a pair but I’d recommend getting two if possible because your girlfriend or flavor of the week will constantly be stealing them.




Sun Mtn Sessions IV

For the past four years between December 26th and 28th Bromley Mountain has played host to the Sun Mtn Sessions. The freeform snowboard camp run by Tim Benasich and myself, focuses on progressing freestyle skills by way of using the excellent natural terrain found at Bromley, as well as educating riders on the rich snowboard heritage of the area. Many of the scene’s top athletes and personalities got their start at Bromley and jump at the chance to stop by during the holiday season.

Though heavy rain stole away the ample early season snow that Bromley had received, this past year proved to be as fun as ever. A day of snow, a day of sun, a day of man made mountains that proved incredibly entertaining, that was Sun Mtn Sessions IV.

The closing party once again featured excellent wood fired pizza from Sammy’s in Manchester,VT and product giveaways from Burton Snowboards, Vestal Watches, Smith Optics, The Nice Life Apparel Co, Vew-Do Balance Boards and 3L Apparel.

Proceeds from the camp are donated to J.I.S.P. which helps get local kids to the mountain and into a group instruction program. Special thanks to Burleigh Sunflower and the Bromley Mountain Snowmaking Team for making sure the conditions were the best they could be.

See you in December for our 5th Anniversary year featuring a concert by hologram Tupac and The Muppets!

Today’s Most Wanted: Burton 2014 Hardgoods


Remember! Remember! The 13th of August! The boards, the bindings, the boots! This is the season, the season of reason and we all aught to be ready to bomb chutes! Ok, it’s not as good as the original but I tried. Just imagine Hugo Weaving saying it, makes it better.

Anyway, it’s here, winter is here, you just don’t know it yet. It’s creeping into the back of your mind and soon you’ll be searching for video premiere dates, thinking about what pass to get, even looking at early snow tire deals. In Southern California winter isn’t so much a season as it is a state of mind so winter can start anytime I want it to and now seems about as good a time as any.

Like Killington always opening before any other mountain in the U.S. (even if it’s just one patch of snow on half a trail), Burton likes to beat everyone to the punch on their winter site launch. In the olden days I’d be overjoyed when “The Catalog” would arrive in the P.O. Box (google it kids) but now I settle for an email in my inbox letting me know the site is up.

Saving pictures of gear isn’t as much fun as reading and re-reading the catalog, dog earring pages, Sharpie in hand just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. But this is the modern world we live in and at least I get to share my two cents with anyone who’s willing to read my babble.

So, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the product and find what you’re looking for…in terms of snowboard gear, I’m not qualified to guide you in any sort of larger existential search for meaning in this world.

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Hard Hitting Investigative Journalism: 31st Annual Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships

Welcome To Vail!

Welcome To Vail!

In 1982 a group of friends, passionate about riding a surfboard-shaped plank of wood down a steep snow-covered hill, decided they wanted to know who was the best at this new winter activity. Thirty-one years later one of those friends is standing in front of me with his wife, one of his three sons and a big ol’ grin on his face. You’d be happy too if the sport you helped grow from backyard pastime to international obsession finally had a venue that was perfect for its most prestigious competition. Yes, Jake Burton Carpenter has done right by snowboarding and if you think otherwise then you’re a fool.

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Off The Grid.

It’s been quite a whirl wind since leaving Los Angeles last Wednesday. After spending five days in NYC, I headed to Stowe, VT with nothing but the clothes on my back and my guitar. I finally arrived home in Pawlet yesterday but was at the ol homestead for all of an hour. It wasn’t until someone complimented me for my recent Thanksgiving post at a party last night that I even thought about the fact I hadn’t been on my laptop for over a week. Maybe it’s because it’s the holidays and  I tend to run around like a crazy person soaking up the country lifestyle while I can but I just don’t miss the internet while I’m here. So I will be on hiatus until I return to Los Angles after the new year. However, just because I’m not posting here doesn’t mean I’m giving up my tech tethers completely. Between Instagram & Twitter I will be generating plenty of content. So should you happen to want a little window into my holiday world you can follow me @nicelifeapparel (Twitter) and @amaness (instagram).

Step It Up: Winter Neckwear

Double Sided Bowtie by Paukstukai $20.64

Holiday party season is already upon us and if there’s on piece of advice I would like to offer to my fellow man its, step it up. Seriously. Put on a jacket(more on that later this week) and a tie , go to that thing you’ve got to attend, look damn good doing it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this past year it’s that you can pretty much get away with anything if you’ve got a tie on. So to help you get away with all sorts of holiday shenanigans, I’ve scoured the web for the best winter neckwear, from the affordable to the slightly less affordable to the “damn I could take a girl to a fancy dinner for that” price. For those of you with “real” jobs at which you may be required to wear a tie, I’m hoping that this will lead you in the direction of wearing ties that don’t suck. Lets face it, you probably have a few that really do. No they aren’t funny or ironic, they’re ridiculous and that’s not an adjective you ever want associated with your appearance.

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